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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Speed Grapher 15

Saiga was reading a newspaper looking for news about the wedding in the paper but didn't find any. Meanwhile, Ginza is drinking away her troubles with Saiga. The police are even posting wanted posters for Saiga. Saiga and Kagura were on a random train when she mentioned the story of the Little Mermaid to him. Suitengu's goons meet with a woman who appeared in a popular movie along ago. The woman writes a note to Tsujidou and she leaves. While Kagura was telling the story of the Little Mermaid, she collasped due to a high fever. Tsujidou tells the other two goons about the woman named Tsurumaki Miharu. Her mother committed suicide when she was five and tried to take Miharu with her but she managed to survive. Even since then, she's been mute. Her mother tried to drown her many times before taking her down to the ocean with her. Saiga managed to get a car to drive to an inn in the mountains.

During their trek to the mountains, the area suddenly becomes very foggy and a woman shows up in front of them. Saiga gets out of the car to meet with Miharu which she tries to speak. He tries to get rid of the woman but she forcibly grabs him and kisses him which felt cold to him. He pushes her away and gets back into the car. As they were driving, Saiga opens up a window for Kagura and the fog enters into the car which Miharu appeared in the back seat. Saiga remembers the movie that Miharu appears in which she played a non-speaking ghost. The director of the movie committed a love suicide with her which she only survived and received a huge insurance payout. She's been committing these type of suicides with her lovers but she keeps surviving each time. Saiga exits out of the car due to the fog buildup. He tries to fight Miharu with his power but the fog renders it useless. She tries to drown Saiga in her mermaid form and Kagura dives in after him. As they go deeper into the water, she reveals her true form to Saiga. Kagura tries to break them up and Miharu has a flashback to her childhood. Miharu was the one who suggested that they go into the water to drown themselves. Kagura was able to grant Miharu's wish which was to finally die in someone's hands. Saiga decides that he wants to save Kagura from her illness instead of being with her until the end of her short life.

I got to say this was one of the better episodes in the series. Not much of action in this episode but it was great none of the less. I think Miharu was the one who killed Senri Taizou in episode 11 since her powers can control water movement. The Saiga and Kagura's relationship advance even further with a new resolve for Saiga. The next episode looks like it will focus on Suitengu with the aftermath of the failed wedding and newfound political power.


  • At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Washi said…

    Wow, I'm really quite surprised that you enjoyed the episode as much as you seemed to.

    The stuff between Saiga and Kagura was just about the only thing that caught my interest! Their relationship is certainly anything but straight forward!

  • At 12:47 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I read what you said about the episode. I think you are so angry about the animation that it detracts from you to take in the story and characters more. I can't tell between minute differences in animation quality like you but maybe it's a plus to me.


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