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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Speed Grapher 16

Suitengu shows a couple of people the factory which he is making pills with a drop of the Goddess contain in them. The head scientist tells them that it won't turn people into Euphoria but it's addictive and causes serotonin levels to drop. Serotonin is used to send messages to different parts of the brain which regulates dopamine and noradrenaline. These two chemicals decreases a person's rationality and makes them impulsive. With the help of a recent amendment to the pharmaceutical acts, Suitengu is able to monopolize the medical market. Also, the Tennouzu Group is the primary investor for all the Diet members' businesses and gives them the profits. Suitengu goes to a club member's house to collect debt. They were about to kill him when his daughter came in and hand him play money. Suitengu accepts the play money and allows him to live. Tsujidou and the other goons are overseeing Sasazuka's counting of money for the semi-annual statement of accounts. At this point, we are treated to a clip show with the amount of cost for each event. I mention some of the interesting things that show up during this part.

1740 - members of the club
24 or 120 million yen - membership fees*
27 million yen - value of diamonds from Koganei's corspe
0 yen - the value of Dentist guy's personal property
8 million yen - company car
45 thousand yen - Shinsen's funeral
868 million yen - amount remaining on Ran's loan
3,673,840,000 yen - repair costs of the church
536 trillion yen - total worth of the Tennouzu Group
536,503,803,311,000 yen - total assets of the Club
65,103,311,400 yen - total assets of the Club before gaining the Tennouzu Group
14,704,248,600 yen - various costs from the Club

*My guess that the memberships are either for basic membership and VIP membership with 1368 on the basic while 372 on the VIP

After Sasazuka counted all the money, he gives his report to Suitengu who asks to add in the play money into the statement. Tsujidou gives Suitengu a music box which he plays after everyone leaves the room. Kagura asks Saiga about the tune he whistles at times. He said that he got from a battlefield eight years ago that he was investigating an island that was developing a banned weapon. There was a huge explosion that left Saiga injured but he heard the tune from a music box that he gave him the will to survive. He tried to investigate the island afterwords but it was classified as top secret. He wonders if that incident made him into a virus carrier.

I didn't mind that this was a clip show since it had some interesting facts on the costs of the club and its profits. I can't believe that the Tennouzu Group is worth about $5 trillion and Shinsen funeral's cost only $450. This episode just shows how much powerful the Club really is along with a possible past connection between Suitengu and Saiga from eight years ago. This should be how a clip show should be with some new material along with some facts during the clip part of the show. You heard me, Destiny. I don't really know what to make of the next episode but it has some soldiers searching for something and encounters a spider-like creature along with Suitengu in the green vat.


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