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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Speed Grapher 17

Suitengu has a flashback while playing with the music box. The flashback begins when he was 13 which he had a younger sister named Yui and lived in a mansion. They were happy with each other but their parents was supposed to wake them up. Suitengu tries to find them only to see them dead in a dark room of the mansion. Soon, a couple of goons along with an old man entered the house and told them that their parents were deeply in debt. Yui tries to use play money to pay off the debt but the old man slaps the money out of her. The old man steals Yui away from Suitengu while Yui drops a porcelain doll containing the music box. Suitengu picks up the box before the two goons use chloroform to knock him out. He gets tortured by a masked mask before being sent away to become a solider. Suitengu managed to survive through various battles for at least seven years before going on a mission to take out a research lab. Suitengu and the other soliders managed to invade the lab but they encountered a bug-like creature.

Suitengu was inside of the research lab when it exploded and barely survived the explosion. A group of people took him as their hope for their research because he could be the last carrier of a virus they developed. Soon, the place where Suitengu was being operated on was invaded by soldiers. A scientist revives Suitengu in a tube and the soliders tried to kill him but Suitengu's power managed to kill all of them. Suitengu encounters one of his future goons years later while trying build up power. He takes the sword the guy had before going in. The local gang beats up another future henchman of his before Suitengu kills them all with his power. He rescues Tsujidou from the local boss before she kills him. She asks Suitengu for his name which he said it's Suitengu from cutting the tag on the sword. He meets with Shinsen at his club and asks her to join with her. She accepts his offer and becomes Kagura's caretaker. Back at the present, the man that Suitengu spared in the previous episode entered into his office. He shows Suitengu play money that he collected from toy stores and wanted to convert to cash. Suitengu decides to pound the crap out of the guy. As he was pounding him, he tells him about his past as he was sold to the Ashikaga Group, the Tennouzu Group's predecessors, to pay off his parents' debt. He uses his power to kill him but it causes him pain. He goes into a green vat which was barely helping him. He hasn't very much time to live.

The episode details Suitengu's past as he became infected with the virus, received his powers, met up with his henchmen, and rise to power. The whereabouts of his sister Yui are still unknown but it could be a plot device in the coming episodes. No Saiga or Kagura in the episode but that's alright since the episode was good. The next episode will focus on the present once again as Saiga, Kagura, and the Doctor investigating something called Bureau Three.


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