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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Suzuka 5

Yamato is trying to figure out the meaning of the embrace that he had with Suzuka towards the end of the previous episode. He sees Suzuka is talking to another guy which she's willing to out with him at the end of practice. Yamato is angry with her about making the date with the mysterious guy. He sees Hattori and asks him to go karaoking with him. Hattori then asks Sakurai if she wants to go karaoking with them which she said yes. Yamato sings a song related to the Hiroshima baseball team. After singing the song, he still feels angry about Suzuka and decides to leave the room. Sakurai wanted to follow but Hattori wanted her to stay to hear him sing the OP. Yamato sees Suzuka and the guy talking at the steps at the apartment. He was noticed by them when the cat scratched him. The guy ended up to be a junior on the track team named Miyamoto Souichi who wanted Yamato to join the team. Suzuka told him that she knew him and decided that they would come together to ask. Also, they went to the same junior high as well. Yamato rejected the offer and saying that the sprint was a fluke. Souichi even said that Yamato is really Suzuka's type which when Yamato asked her about it, he gets laid out by her briefcase. Eventually, Hattori is left alone in the karaoke room still singing the OP. Yamato asks Hattori about the meaning of being hugged which he said that it's love and should ask her about it.

Yamato ponders to ask Suzuka if she loves him in his room when the power went out. Suzuka enters the room with an aroma candle in hand. Suzuka is scared of the thunder which she gets closer to Yamato but she claims that she stumbled. She said that she would be by her sister's side during thunderstorms. They talked their hometowns during the blackout. Yamato asks her about the embrace but she quickly explains her position on it. She mentions she goes back home every Sunday for her sister and another reason. Another lightning strike causes Suzuka to embrace Yamato again which the power returns a minute later. Yamato leaves early at breakfast since he couldn't talk to Suzuka normally. He evens looks at a horoscope to figure out what to do about his relationship with Suzuka. He consults to Hattori about confessing to Suzuka during lunch which he said that he should do it. Sakurai decides to eat lunch with Hattori and Yamato which she is asked by Yamato about confessing and being a couple. She feels embrassed about the questions and put too much salt into her udon which she blames Hattori for it. Yamato is walking back home when Suzuka was catching up to him. He wanted to confess to Suzuka but stood there and didn't confess but Suzuka would treat him to food for all the times that he had to do errands with her.

Yamato knows that he loves Suzuka but he doesn't have the courage to confess to her yet. Suzuka is either loves Yamato or indifferent towards him. She rather denied her true feelings by him. Well, the next episode may have Yamato's confession to Suzuka in an amusement park.


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