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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Suzuka 6

Yamato wants to do something with Suzuka on their day off from school tomorrow. He was getting ready for school when a woman arrived at his doorstep. She was offering two free Fantasy Land tickets if Yamato subscribe to their newspaper. He accepted the offer so he can ask Suzuka to the park tomorrow. He couldn't ask her at school, before dinner, or even after dinner. He saw Saotome and Megumi on his way back to room when Saotome decides to invite herself in to Yamato's room. She notices the tickets and asks if he was going to invite her to the park tomorrow but Yamato refuses. She was dangling the tickets when the cat rip them up. Yamato was feeling depressed on the stairs when Suzuka want to pass by him. She mentions the newspaper in his mail slot and said that she was asked by the girl as well. Suzuka managed to get two tickets to Fantasy Land and Yamato had a hard time saying if he could go with her. Suzuka accepts Yamato's offer to go with her to Fantasy Land tomorrow.

They arrived at Fantasy Land during a rainstorm. They decided to do the indoor rides and the first one was the dolphin ride. Suzuka initially wanted to go home after riding the dolphin ride but after having fun on it, she decided to stay while Yamato was a little weak during the ride. Yamato wanted to do all the indoor rides but only ended up during half of them. They decided to do some shopping before leaving the park. After leaving the souvenir shop, they noticed that the rain has stopped and stayed for the night parade. They were holding hands during the parade and Yamato just says that he likes Suzuka. She thought it was a joke at first but Yamato tells her that it isn't a joke. After an awkward silence, she rejects him and they went back home. After coming back home, Yamato sees Hattori in his room reading the newspaper and eating his chips. Yamato tells Hattori about his day with Suzuka in the park. After hearing about Yamato's day, Hattori decides to leave and gives Yamato a travel-size pack of tissues. Yamato then begins to cry uncontrollably when Suzuka sits in her room watching TV and look depressed.

Yamato decides to confess to Suzuka in the park which she rejects him without saying why. Their relationship is becoming more interesting as Suzuka seems to be confused by him. I'm liking this series even more as it's not like other romance dramas where the main character keeps failing to express his love to the female main character in a course of 20+ episodes. The next episode will have Yamato joining the track team to get more chances with Suzuka.


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