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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Suzuka 7

Yamato was feeling so depressed that he couldn't focus on his job at the bathhouse and felt down at school. Hattori tries to convince Yamato to go to a party but he failed. During dinner, Suzuka didn't eat with the family because she ate earlier. Miho tries to cheer up Yamato since she kinda got the idea that Yamato was rejected. On his way back to the room, he sees Suzuka but she quickly enters her room. Yamato hears his doorbell and thought it was Suzuka but it was the drunken duo of Saotome and Megumi. They tried to console Yamato but Megumi slaps Yamato for supposely insulting her. Saotome talks to Yamato about being rejected by a boy that she loved back in high school. She tells him that she look ordinary back then and shows him a picture of what she used to look like back then. She confessed to him after high school but got rejected and hasn't given up on him. Yamato decides to never give up on Suzuka.

Yamato tells Suzuka that they should go back to they were before the confession. Miyamoto asks Yamato again if he wants to join the track team. Yamato didn't give an answer to Miyamoto's request. He talks to Hattori about joining the track team and said that he wants to be with Suzuka even more. Yamato tells Suzuka that he's going to join the track team and she gets rather defensive about it. Hattori tells Yamato that joining the track team is a bad idea since he only wants to do to be with Suzuka and wants him to apologize to her. While watching the track team, Yamato meets up with Sakurai and walk back home. He tells her that he's may join the track team but she said that it would be a bad idea to join. The next day, Hattori decides to accompany Yamato to the meeting room so he could apologize to Suzuka. Miyamoto tells Suzuka about Yamato's relay race in junior high where he tried so hard to improve his team's position. Hattori thought Yamato was going to apologize to Suzuka but he decides to join the track team instead with everyone in the room in shock.

Yamato's resolve to be with Suzuka has been strengthen by the advice of Saotome. Instead of giving up after been rejected, he decides to continue to try win Suzuka's heart by joining on the track team. Hattori tried to help Yamato out but his efforts were casted aside by Yamato. It seems that Sakurai doesn't even know that Yamato confess to Suzuka and didn't even try to improve her position. I'm beginning to tire of Suzuka's stuck up attitude towards Yamato. She doesn't to be such an ass towards him especially after rejecting him for no reason. She needs to get over what bothering her and fast before it destroys her. The next episode will be Yamato's first practice with the track team and probably introduce a new character here and there.


  • At 3:01 AM, Blogger Mentar said…

    Well, the kicker is that Yamato doesn't want to join the track team because of any real interest in the club itself, but primarily to get closer to the girl who just rejected him. He even tells her that right to her face. If a girl you just rejected pursued you like this, would you have a reason to be annoyed? I think so ^_^;;

    Also, keep in mind how seriously she takes her track work. It would definitely drive me nuts in her shoes if someone else joined without the right attitude. This is what she's been telling him more or less "If you join, take it seriously and don't fool around".

  • At 4:39 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    I still stand by that she needs to be a less of a bitch to Yamato but I'll admit that his motives for joining are less than pure. I think you agreed that Suzuka has some mental problems of her own that hasn't shown up yet.

  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I read the manga and he does actually start to get into the track club.
    New main girl/ finally a girl in the series that doesn't make you say "arrrg". Like a female of his best friend. BUT Suzuka-chan's complex is a little more complicated than you think! Heh and expcet Sakurai-chan to retaliate too! ^o~


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