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Monday, August 29, 2005

Suzuka 8

Yamato introduces himself to the track team with everyone being shocked that he actually joined. He tells the captain that he would do the 100 meter dash. They begin practice with goldfish droppings as they run around the track in a straight line with the last person in the line run up to the beginning of the line and once the person reaches the beginning, the next person last in line does the same thing and so forth. Yamato ended up doing this ten times and was tired from it while everyone else wasn't so tired. Suzuka insults Yamato for slowing everyone down. Yamato meets a new girl named Hashiba Miki who's a sprinter. They go to sprinter practice where they do four sets of five 50 meter dashes. During the dashes, he was beginning to feel the burden of practice along with Suzuka's words about taking practice seriously. Yamato was seriously tired from practicing today and laid on the track. He sees Suzuka still practicing high jump while Miki throws a towel on him. Miki tells Yamato that she initially hated Suzuka when she was in junior high. She hated the way that Suzuka won meets with a cold expression on her face and never smiles. She understands and respects her now because she has higher ideals and not satisfied from her previous accomplishments. Miki leaves Yamato to help Suzuka while Hattori and Sakurai carried the exhusted Yamato home. Yamato says that Suzuka is amazing while Hattori said it was a kid's comment. Miho gives Yamato a good stretch while he screams in pain. Yamato continues to practice while suffering in class for being so tired. Sakurai watches the track team everyday with Hattori suggesting that she should join the team but she's too slow. She gets passed by a couple of elementary school kids to prove her lack of speed. She encounters Gorou-chan and talks to it about her feelings for Yamato before Saotome interrupts her.

Saotome and Sakurai take a bath at the bathhouse and have a girl to girl talk. Saotome says that she's worry about Yamato and that she thinks that Sakurai can't leave him alone. Sakurai thinks that Yamato is a nice, serious, and reliable person. Saotome mentions about Yamato's rejection from Suzuka to her but she didn't know about the rejection and said that he still likes her. Sakurai gets out of the bath and opens a door where Yamato was controlling the bathwater while naked. Yamato apologizes to Sakurai about seeing her naked but she was crying about Yamato's love for Suzuka. Suzuka sees Yamato taking Sakurai home and thinks nothing of it. Once arriving at the temple's steps, Sakurai want Yamato to wait for her as she goes to the convenience store. She quickly comes back, walks up the steps, and sits down. She gives him a croquette to eat. Yamato mentions that Suzuka doubt the croquette at first because she thought he had bad taste. After realizing that Yamato is still thinking of Suzuka, Sakurai decides to join the track team as well. The next day, she introduces herself to the track team as their new manager which makes the guys happy even one of them blushes. Hattori now with alone decides to call up a girl to go karaoking with. Miki talks to Suzuka about Sakurai and Yamato which Suzuka decides to ignore the subject. Sakurai is doing laundry duty for the track team while Yamato manages to get used to practice. Miki tries to give Yamato a massage but Suzuka sees it as fooling around and calls them sluggards. She tells Suzuka that she was too harsh on Yamato but she applies the same thing to her as well. Yamato was thinking about Suzuka while practicing and decides to become even more serious so she wouldn't call him a sluggard. Suzuka thinks that Yamato will give up eventually and ignores Yamato, Miki, and Sakurai talking to each other. She tries to do a high jump at 164 cm but she knocks the bar over and thinks of Yamato.

A lot has happened in this episode. A new character named Miki who's a female sprinter who's liked by Yamato and Suzuka. Sakurai decides to take the Yamato route of relationship building by joining the track team as a manager since she is bad at sports. Yamato seems to be committed to practicing track to full extent of his abilities. Suzuka is being the Ice Queen to Yamato and even to Miki towards the end of the episode. I rather see Yamato be with Sakurai than with the Ice Queen. From Miki's conversation of Suzuka, it seems that she never happy about winning meets and continues to strife to perfection. To me, it seems that Suzuka is using track to avoid facing her true emotions about some past event where she was extremely hurt by. Her quest to perfection distracts her from facing her problems and with Yamato on the track team, she can't avoid thinking about him. The next episode will have Suzuka deciding to go home to avoid Yamato and maybe get some background behind her photograph with her and the mysterious guy.


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