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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 13

Syaoran and the others arrived at a wintery 18th century European village. A local bartender tells a story about a golden-haired princess who lived in a castle in the north 300 years ago. One day, a bird came to her and gave her a feather of great power. Soon after she received the feather, her parents died and the children of the nearby town were drawn to the castle never to be seen ever again. Syaoran and the others decide to head to the town in the north since it could be Sakura's feather in the legend. Once arriving at the town, the townspeople shutted their windows to him and get surrounded by the townspeople. Syaoran managed to convince the people that they are here to write a book on various legends. A doctor named Kyle Rondart welcomes Syaoran and the others to stay at his home. Before Syaoran could even thank you, the mayor and a noble named Grosum entered the home asking about Syaoran and the others. Kyle convinces them that they could help them with their current situation. He tells Syaoran and the others that 20 children have disappeared recently and maybe due to the legend from 300 years ago. Sakura woke up middle of the night and sees the golden-haired princess in a ghostly form. The next day, another child has disappeared which Sakura tells the townspeople about the princess. She said that the princess isn't the type of person who would do it because she looked so sad. The townspeople blamed Syaoran and the others but Kyle said that they couldn't exit the house without alerting him.

Kyle tells Syaroan and the others that the legend of the golden-haired princess named Emeraude is actually a true story. The story tells that the children disappeared and that they didn't return in the same form as before they disappeared. The townspeople believed that they are reliving the legend from 300 years ago. Also, Sakura is the first person to see the princess. Syaroan asks Kyle to see the history books which he agrees to. Syaroan and the others head to the ruined castle and found out that it would be hard to cross the fast-moving river. They also see Grosum looking at the castle. Kyle was helping out the friend of the missing child last night when Syaroan and the others came back. Syaroan couldn't find any mention about Sakura's feather but he doesn't rule out the possibility of it. Kyle tells Syaroan and Sakura that he needs to lock their rooms because of the townspeople's wish. Sakura was looking at the window when she noticed Emeraude along with five children walking towards the castle. She exits through the window and follows the children and Emeraude to the castle. The children managed to walk across the river by some unknown means and Sakura suddenly collaspes. Emeraude tells the collasped Sakura that she is the one that she been waiting for a long time. Fai and Syaroan noticed that Sakura disappeared but before they could try to find her, the townspeople wanted them arrested for kidnapping the children. Fai, Syaroan, and Kurogane resisted the townspeople's attempts to capture them and managed to convince them not to arrest them for kidnapping.

This episode introduces the legend of the golden-haired princess who took the children away 300 years ago never to be seen again along with her connection to Sakura's feather. Not much in terms of character development but this one was more setting up the mystery of the legend. There was actually more in the beginning part of the episode in the manga which would have explained how they got their clothes. The next episode will probably end this arc and move on to the next dimension.


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