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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 14

Syaroan, Fai, and Kurogane were discussing the current situation as they mentioned that people here don't have any magical powers. The villagers couldn't find the missing children and Sakura. Meanwhile, Sakura finds herself imprisoned and sees the children walking around. Kyle visits Syaroan, Fai, and Kurogane to tell them that the town had a series of bad harvests for the last few years. Grosum owns most of the land and decided to wait for the rent payments eventhough his finances are not doing very well. Also Kyle tells them that Grosum could be after the feather. Sakura tries to escape from her cell while the rest of them investigate Grosum's home. Syaroan notices that Grosum has the same history book that Kyle has along with a map with an X on it. Grosum catches them in the act but Syaroan convinces him that he does not suspect anyone. Instead he wants to find the truth by throwing all prejudices and gather the facts. Grosum mentions the concept of imi-kotoba which are words that bring misfortune. For the people of this dimension long ago, they don't speak of the good events or the luck will disappear if spoken about it. Grosum gives Syaroan the history book as a sign of good faith. Sakura manages to break free of her chain but now, she needs a way to open the locked door. She notices a statue of Princess Emeraude on the opposite side of the door.

Syaroan notices that Grosum's history book has alot more pages in it compared to Kyle's book. Then they noticed a kid pointing to black birds that aren't there. Syaroan goes to Kyle and tells him that Grosum is the one doing the kidnappings. Also, he will watch Grosum's mansion as of tonight. During the night, Kyle notices a kid walking outside and decides to follow. Sakura almost manages to open the door while Fai and Kurogane find a floodgate along with the controls for it. Kurogane manages to activate the floodgate without the key and breaks the handle for it. Sakura manages to escape her cell and walks down the stairs to notice the children circling a crystal like tower which contains her feather. Emeraude appears to Sakura and tells her that she's been waiting for 300 years for Sakura to appear. She tells the story of aftering receiving the feather that the adults fought over the feather which the king and queen died during the fighting. The gods punished the people for the fighting by passing an epidemic that only affects children. There was hope as the feather protected the children from the plague which she decided to have the children to stay with her. After returning the children, she sealed the feather with the last remaining magic the land had. Sakura mentions that the children weren't returned in their original forms. Emeraude tells her that was because of imi-kotoba. She tells Sakura that she wasn't the one who brought the children here but an evil one who wanted to steal the feather for their own evil deeds. In order to return the feather, the power of children's innocent hearts is needed and with Sakura joining the circle, the feather was returned to her. Meanwhile, Syaroan, Fai, and Kurogane confronts Kyle about the missing children near the castle.

A wonderful episode with a few differences compared to the manga like going to Grosum's house and the retrieval of the feather was different. I think the anime didn't want to show the kids being used as child labor. The only thing I didn't like was the line in the legend which talks about the children weren't returned in their original forms. In the manga, the meaning behind the line was that the children came back as adults. With the anime version, the meaning lies with the concept of imi-kotoba which wasn't in the manga at all. This is not the first time that Clamp used a different meaning on the same concept between the manga and the anime. In the other case that I know of, the manga really makes more sense compared to the anime version. In Tsubasa's case, I have to go with the manga again. The next episode should ended the Jade arc with probably some differences to the original manga.


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