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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 15

Kyle tries to deny that he kidnapped the children but the child was actually Mokona in disguise. Syaoran tells how Kyle used hypnosis on children days before they disappeared by comparing Kyle's records with Grosum's list of missing children. Kyle continues to try deny his involvement but Grosum appeared with the townspeople, Grosum mentions the history book which Kyle's copy ripped out a few pages. Kyle admits that he kidnapped the children to get Sakura's feather from the castle which only the children could reach. After getting the feather, the children returned to their quarters and Emeraude will help Sakura to escape from the castle. Syaoran told Kyle that he suspected him when he mention that Grosum wanted to take Sakura's feather but Syaoran never mentioned the feather or the fact it belong to Sakura. Kyle dashes to the castle on an rock ledge within the water while Syaoran and the others give chase. They found the missing children which the townspeople will help carrying them out. Sakura bumps into Kyle which he tries to convince her to go with him but Emeraude tells her that he's the one wants the feather for evil purposes. Kyle captures Sakura and holds her hostage in front of Syaoran and the others. Syaoran managed to get Sakura away from Kyle while being shot at. Suddenly, the water from the river begins to destroy the castle and Kyle's gun gets thrown into the raging river. Syaoran, Sakura, and Kyle get seperated from Fai and the others.

Syaoran and Sakura can't exit the castle due to the path being blocked. Syaoran want to delay Kyle to allow Sakura to escape but she refused. Emeraude shows Sakura a hidden door that will allow her and Syaoran to escape. Kyle tries to follow them but the statue of Emeraude crushes him. Syaoran and Sakura managed to escape from the castle before it collasped. Emeraude releases the seal of the feather which it return to Sakura's body. Before leaving the material plane, Emeraude mentions that someone is watching her. Syaoran and the others discuss about Sakura being able to see Emeraude while Monoka couldn't sense her. Syaoran mentions that Sakura and the Oracle are the only ones in the Clow Kingdom that could see spirits. The Black Monoka is the one who can sense spirits. Grosum wanted to thank Syaoran and the others but they found a note along with the history book saying to tell the true legend of Emeraude. Syaoran is worried about the person who's watching them and told Kyle about the feather. The one who told Kyle about the feather told Fei Wong Reed that the feather is back with Sakura.

This episode ends the Jade Kingdom arc with things being a little different like how Sakura found out that Kyle wasn't the savior that he was along with the events occuring at different times. I still hate the whole let's not show child labor in the anime. That makes more sense to me but oh well. The next episode will be an anime original as the group arrives at a world where people fight with masks and have incredible powers.


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