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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yakitate Japan 35

The two elder Kaiser decides to punish Edward for his failure to defeat the Japan team. So they all three of them become one body. Pierrot reveals the results of the premins with France, America, China, Egypt, England, Japan and 10 other countries make it to the finals. The French team showed their true to team Japan with Edward's mask crooked. Azuma recognizes Shachihoko from the American team who he beat in the second round of newcomers' battle. Azuma and Kawachi talked to Shachihoko and found out that he's with the St. Pierre's US branch. It was Yukino who helped him to enter the tournament through St. Pierre. Kawachi talks to Kanmuri about Shichihoko being in the tournament. Kanmuri tells him that St. Pierre realized that they know of their plans to win the Monaco Cup and tells him that they must win the tournament. Yukino and St. Pierre's owner conspire on how to crush the Southern Tokyo Branch along with the Japan team in the Cup. The owner decides to lower all prices on their bread by 70% to effectively take away all business from the Southern Tokyo Branch.

After hearing about the 70% discount, Tsukino wanted to ask her grandfather for more money but Kanmuri tells her not to do it because it's what Yukino wants. To counter the threat, the branch decided to do a demonstration sale of their bread outside. Kanmuri and the manager talked about Kinoshita who has the ability to clone himself many times. He's a son of a famous circus with the same name. Tsukino found him taking a baking class by Pantasia and lured him in with her charms. Kinoshita has the ability to copy any bread up to 95% of the original but he cannot create anything original. Kanmuri convince the manager to just allow Kinoshita to do everything while the rest of the staff does nothing. Meanwhile, the first round of the finals for the Monaco Cup begins with a speed contest. The top eight teams that finish the fastest within an hour will move on and if only one team manages to do it, they are the champion regardless of the other rounds. No non-fermented breads will be accepted which will be too easy for everyone to do. While Kawachi is getting mad for the unfair rules, Azuma is asking Pierrot about something. Yukino and the owner discuss the Southern Tokyo Branch's Kinoshita and the Monaco Cup. The St. Pierre owner realizes Azuma's potential and decides to head for Monaco himself.

This episode begins the finals of the Monaco Cup along with developments with St. Pierre and the Southern Tokyo Branch fronts. Seriously, Kinoshita and Kawachi are really the clowns of the show. All Kawachi does is complain and whine about everything while Subawara and Azuma take it how it is and beat the odds. The next episode will finish the speed contest.


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