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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Yakitate Japan 36

Kawachi is panicing that they may not be able to make a fast bread and ask for Subawara's help. Subawara wanted to kill Kawachi for insulting his honor but Azuma comes with a microwave which he's going to make Japan #3. The British team managed to finish their bread in 20 minutes but Pierrot disqualified it due to the bad quality of the bread. The American team is the first team to pass with using the Dragon Hook on a mixer which creates Balloon Bread. Kawachi is sad that they using a microwave instead of more advanced technology like the Dragon Hook. Soon France, Vietnam, China, Egypt, Korea, and Denmark all passed which leaves only one spot left. Azuma manages to finish the bread but another team was on their way to Pierrot. So Azuma throws the hot bread to Kawachi who then throws to Subawara who scares the other team's representative with his presence. Subawara asks Pierrot to judge Japan #3.

Kuro-yan tells Sophie that their bread will taste good since he made it himself before and how to make it in a funny fast forward way along with a mini Kuro-yan. Sophie doesn't really listen to him since she concerned about team Japan. Pierrot warns team Japan that he will be harsh on them since they made it from a microwave which he hates some reason. He tastes the bread anyway and recounts a story from his past. He was heading to Las Vegas with his boss when the boss told a story about how an old woman microwaved her cat to try to dry it off. After the funeral, a lawyer came up to her and told her that she could get compensation from the microwave company. So she sued the microwave company and won. The point of the story was that Pierrot's cloning technique could make old people collasped and to prevent being sued, he put up warning signs. Eventhough nothing really happened during Vegas, he couldn't really enjoyed himself during the performance. He mentions that the impression left by the food is very important and since he hates microwaves, Japan lost all chance of passing until Shachihoko suddenly decides to speak. He mentions that the American legal system has its faults but the microwave story is a joke in the legal world. After knowing the story was a joke now, Pierrot passes Team Japan and runs away before Kawachi and Subawara could beat him down. Azuma thanks Shachihoko for saving them but the owner of St. Pierre draws ever closer to Monaco to stop Team Japan.

This episode was very funny especially the part when Pierrot realized the microwave story was a joke along with Kuro-yan going fast-forward during the making of the microwave bread. With Team Japan passing as the final team for the next round, their next challenge has them on a deserted island called Tokonatsu which they finished the power of nature itself. Also, the owner of St. Pierre will exert his influence during the next round.


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