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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Yakitate Japan 37

The owner of St. Pierre, Kirisaki meets with the chairman Rame of the Monaco Cup Management Board to ask him crush team Japan. Kirisaki offers in exchange that he will allow France to win in the finals if America makes it to the finals and pay lots of money. Rame tries to ask the reason why for Kirisaki's request but all he said was that he hates team Japan. Meanwhile, Kawachi insults Subawara for being bald and tries to slice him when Kuro-yan enters the room with Subawara's sword inches away from his ear. Kuro-yan tells them that they are hopping a plane to a deserted island. The plane is being piloted by Pierrot who's reading how to fly the plane while piloting the plane itself. Pierrot tells the contestants that they are heading to a deserted island in the French-Polynesia. Kawachi asks Pierrot why the second match is being held on a deserted island which Pierrot doesn't know. Pierrot throws copies of a map of Tahitin Island which has each team's name at a specific point on the island. Kawachi asks why team Japan is isolated from every one else. Pierrot said they would have advantages for catching fish since they need to get their own food for a week. They need to make a sweet and delicious bread which no salty breads will be accepted. They will received only flour from the board which they must collected the other ingredients on their own. Team Japan arrives at the southern tip of the island. They begin to plan how to make their bread when the tide was flooding their campsite and began to swim for their lives as Subawara is making sure that flour won't get wet. Sophie and Kuro-yan are relaxing nearby on a cruise ship with Pierrot as the host. Kuro-yan looks over the campsite to see that the beach is gone. Sophie tells Pierrot about it and looks at the beach with his Pierrot Eye which are clown binoculars. She wants to send out a search party but Pierrot said that would disqualify them. Also, he and Kuro-yan feels that they are alive. Pierrot begins to suspect that the chairman is against Team Japan. Kawachi is suck into a whirlpool and Azuma tries to save him.

Subawara managed to get to shore with Kawachi in tow. Kawachi wanted to save Azuma but he was too tired to even fight back against Subawara. The next day, Kawachi and Subawara begin to head towards the jungle while Azuma was nearby in the sand trying to get Kawachi and Subawara's attention. They thought it was Azuma's soul trying to reach out to them. Azuma was covered in pitch darkness and thought he died but actually a giant pyramid was under him and healing him. He encounters the Egyptian team who seem to be a super sentai team without the outfits. They announced themselves as messengers of justice who want to stop the injustice of the Monaco Cup. Kawachi and Subawara walked towards the northern part of the island since Subawara realized that the French team would have the most fruit because they are the local favorites. They begin also suspect that they are at a disadvantage on purpose. Kirisaki doesn't care if team Japan dies or not. He will give the chairman a position at St. Pierre that he won't have to work another day of his life if he could absoultely achieve success. Rame contacts the relaxing French team and orders them to burn all fruit on the island once they collected the necessary fruit. While Kawachi and Subawara were heading towards the north, they were surrounded by a ring of fire.

Kirisaki is influencing chairman Rame to fix the Cup so that Japan will have no chance of winning by giving them a place that was flooded by the tide and burning all the fruit. Team Japan along with Kuro-yan, Sophie, and Pierrot begin to suscept something is up while the Egyptian team are trying to stop the injustice of the Monaco Cup. The episode was more serious with the shady dealings while Kawachi provide most of the comedic relief by insulting Subawara for might being bald. The next episode will continue team Japan's attempt to make a sweet bread while fighting against all odds.


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