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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bleach 50

Yuzu is making a sailor suit for Kon but doesn't have the embroidery threads she needs. She goes off to buy some which Kon decides to leave but he's attached to two other stuffed animals. Don Kanonji shows up outside of Ichigo's house and tries to do his lines which some kids ad-lib into them. Karin shows up and asks why Don is here. He says that he's on vacation but his show is a downward spiral recently and wants her to be part of the Karakura Heroes again so he can become popular again. Karin goes into the house and Don begs for her to come out. Kon falls on top of the Don which he notices him. Kon tries to escape from Don but gets caught by Don and wants to use Kon as a mascot. Kon gets caught into the hero of justice thing to get women and becomes the Karakura King. Yuzu sees Don and Kon and asks Don what he's doing. She doesn't make the connection between the current Kon and the one that she has. She gives Kon a new costume to wear as the Karakura King. Kon, Don, and Yuzu go to Urahara's store to get Uruha and Jinta. Jinta initially refuses it but Yuzu managed to convince them to do it. Kon tries to run away from them but ends up going to training with them.

They have Kon on a drinking fountian and shot him up with a burst of water from it. Then they have him in a huge old-styled Victorian dress with a piece of string attached to it. Yuzu pulls on the string which causes rockets to shoot out and one of them hits Kon which he decides to run away again. Karin is having a headache and looks for Yuzu which she wasn't at home. Kon was crying about Rukia when suddenly a Hollow captured him. The Don and the others tries to search for Kon which they find him and Hollow in tow in the sky. Everyone sees the Hollow except for Yuzu who thinks that Kon is flying. The Hollow wants to have some fun with Kon in a bad way. Kon was about to be eaten when Don and the others show up which he says that he's doomed. Yuzu can't see the Hollow and was about to be kill when Karin saved her. Karin and Jinta chased after Kon along with the Hollow. They attack the Hollow while insulting each other. The Hollow then forms a whirlwind which everyone is trapped. Uruha takes Kon and escapes the whirlwind while ripping up his body with just the head left. She uses Kon as a volleyball while Jinta hits him like a baseball and Karin hits him as a soccer ball. The combined power of the hits destroys the Hollow. Don had a hidden camera in a box and shows the footage on his TV show. Kon returns to the house with him wearing the sailor suit outfit.

This episode was really stupid filler. I hate the Don so much that it brings the entire episode down except the joke in the beginning where the kids interrupt him. Anything that doesn't allow me to hear the Don's voice is a good thing. I have to feel sorry for Kon as he was put in that situation with those people. I guess the producers are trying to delay the pace of the anime catching up to the manga. If they going to do filler, make it good like episode 47. No more episodes of Don filler. The good news is that the next episode will continue with the Soul Society Arc with the 11th Squad taking on members of the 7th and 9th Squads.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 9

Kaname is watching TV at 4 in the morning while becoming paranoid over a cat outside of her window. While walking to school, she looks all around her trying to find the person watching her. Kyoto tries to ask her what's wrong but she tells her that nothing is wrong. The teacher tells Kaname that she received a letter from Sousuke about him quitting school and asks her if she knows where he is. Kaname tells her that she doesn't know where he is. She decides to draw out the person who's watching her instead of moping about losing Sousuke. She goes to arcades, music stores, and a clothing store to draw out the watcher. While sitting alone, a drunk business man talks to her and suddenly decides to go to a hotel with him. After arriving at the hotel room, the man tries to fondle with Kaname but ends up getting tasered and handcuffed to the bathtub. She gets undressed and puts on a bathrobe. She tries to go to the next building over through the hotel room but ending up falling to the ground. She climbs up a fire escape to the roof and finds her target.

Kaname confronts Wraith which he figures out that the whole thing was a way to confront him. He tells her that someone else was following her before getting shot by one of the assassin twins. The twin starts shooting at Kaname which she runs away from her. After running out of bullets, the twin starts to chase her with a sword. Kaname hides a makeshift shelter while the twin finds her robe. When she slashed at it, there was no body since Kaname was actually on a nearby roof which she shot her with a stun gun. Kaname puts her torned robe back on before Mr. Silver with two big goons next to him which one of them is carrying Wraith's body. Kaname notices a resemble of Tessa while looking at Mr. Silver who's actually is Tessa's brother, Leonard. Yu Lan wakes up from the attack and refuses Leonard's request to stop her sister's attack on Hong Kong. She tries to kill Leonard but one of the goons breaks her sword with just his arm. The goon soon chokes out Yu Lan and kills her. Leonard tells Kaname about the Arastoff which is the world's smallest AS. Kaname tries to talk to Leonard how pointless it was to kill her but he comes back with Sousuke killing a lot more people. She defends Sousuke's actions but Leonard tells her that she loves him which Kaname denies before being kissed by him. She slaps him for the kiss and asks him to leave Wraith's body here. He accepts her request in exchange for her apology about being slapped. Wraith was injected with something that makes him unable to move his body and refuses Kaname's help before dying. She punches a tank and cries about how Sousuke isn't here to protect or be with her. She tells the dead Wraith that instead of dying, she will struggle to stay alive a bit longer.

A truly excellent episode. Kaname's character really kicks ass in this episode. Instead of crying endlessly that Sousuke isn't here, she decides to confront her problems and kept her cool against Yu Lan and the others. Probably the best episode yet. The next episode will bring the story back to Sousuke as he deals with his own problems of the heart.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Law of Ueki 25

Ueki tries to get back up from the huge piece of the roof that landed on him but couldn't. Robert uses one of his gravity bubbles to lift the piece away from Ueki to prove a point as he drops it on himself. Robert uses his powers to stop the falling piece of roof so that he didn't owe anything to Ueki. Robert fires his version of Ressen at Ueki which he counters with own version of Ressen but Robert's goes through Ueki's. Ueki stops Robert's attack with Masshuu but Robert counters with Masshuu as well. Ueki fires the Kurogane at Robert who fires his own Kurogane at Ueki which destroys Ueki's shot and hits him. Robert fires multiple shots at Ueki which he couldn't dodge them all and fell to the ground. Robert points the Kurogane at Ueki at point blank range. Sano, Rinko, and Mori managed to escape the barrier due to Robert's Kurogane shots. Robert was about to fire the cannon at Ueki when Sano used his power to destroy the cannon. Sano and Rinko were standing in front of the fallen Ueki. They decided to protect Ueki even if they died during the battle. Mori tried to use her new power but she doesn't know what it is. Sano and Rinko made up a plan and Robert decides to fire the Kurogane at them. They were both followed by the Kurogane and got rid of them by ducking down next to each other. Then Robert used his gravity powers to make Rinko and Sano fall to their deaths. Rinko uses her Bead Cannon at Robert but it was a decoy for Sano's boomerang. Robert tries to make the boomerang float into the air but Sano turned it back into a towel which contain Rinko's beads. The beads explode near Robert while they managed to land back safety (except for Rinko who Sano couldn't catch her properly.) Robert managed to survive the bomb attack and told them that the Kurogane's power he used on them was only 50% compared to what he used on Ueki. Robert decides to use the full power of the Kurogane at Sano and Rinko.

They tried to use the same stragety but the shots were much faster than last time. Robert decides to attack Mori but Sano and Rinko were standing back up. Robert doesn't understand their willingness to die for Ueki but he decides to use Ressen against Rinko but she can't even move to dodge it. Ueki uses the power of Fuudou along with his body to stop Robert's Ressen attack. Robert thought Ueki couldn't move again but Ueki's desire to protect his friends gave him the power to move again. Ueki doesn't want to lose anymore friends after losing Kobasen and Inumaru. Robert and Ueki fight each other with Ressens but Robert's was the stronger one of the two. Robert still doesn't understand why Ueki isn't going down and continues with the Ressen attack. Ueki tries to counter it with his normal tree power but couldn't. Robert is afraid of Ueki's ability to keep coming and coming and uses Ressen again. Ueki uses his tree to wrap around the Ressen so he could use his own Ressen power on Robert from above. They thought that Ueki won the battle until Robert manages to get back up. He was about to call forth his ultimate power when Kobasen suddenly makes an appearance. Robert asks why Kobasen is here even though he's supposed to be in prison. Kobasen tells them that as a representative of God that the first round of the Power User battle is over and there's a rest period before the next round starts.

Well, this ends the second battle between Robert and Ueki with Ueki needs to do some major catching up if he wants to beat Robert. The second round of battles will be interesting as Mori will take a part in it as along with Robert's rival, Anon will appear. Well at least, the reddish tint will be gone now and see something that's not cover in red.

Sousei no Aquarion 14-15

Silvia just awoken up from dreaming of Apollo's memories of Baron and talks to Sophia about it. She recalls the various memories of Apollo that had Baron involved. Toma apologizes to Johannes for his failure to get the feather from the last episode. Moroha asks Toma why he has the wings of Apollonius on his helmet. He tells him that it's a symbol of his foolishness and betrayal. Lensi tells Johannes that the Wings of the Sun still has a long way to go compared to what it was 12,000 years ago. Silvia continues tells Sophia about her dream of Toma now. Apollo is searching for something in the forest. Sophia tells Silvia that her strong feelings for Apollo came into her which gross her out. Silvia then sees a picture of an eagle which scare her for a second and Sophia thinks that Apollo remembered his past life. She knows that they touched the feather back then and tells her that Apollo's memory can't be trusted since his mind could created a false memory based on the Book of Holy Genesis. Also, they could have read the context of the feather which Apollo read from Silvia's mind and interpert as his own. Another theory that Sophia proposes that everytime they merge that their bodies and minds become one which they share their memories and emotions.

An invisible Kelbium soldier attacks the combination of Lihua, Jun, and Pierre with beginning the battle in Luna Aquarion. She thought she found it and shot an arrow at it but it uses the body-switching technique that ninjas do. They reform it into Mars Aquarion with Jun as the head so they could find it with Jun's ability. He makes to find it but he's too slow to react. Everyone in the command center thinks that Jun sucks but the commander stands up for him. Apollo manages to find the headband of Baron in a tree and returns to the command center. Apollo is talking as Apollonius which the commander orders a full change with Apollo, Silvia, and Sirrus. They merged into Solar Aquarion and the memories of Apollo and Apollonius are merged together. Silvia is having a crisis of the mind which allows the enemy to make Apollo disappear along with the Sol Vector. The disappearing act was caused by Toma with using a veil of invisibity. Silvia looks for Apollo in the empty Sol Vector and touches Baron's headband. She starts to go nuts over it and even hits Sirrus who was trying to calm her down. She realizes that she doesn't know her true feelings which are that she likes Apollo. Silvia manages to make Apollo reappear along with the Sol Vector. They punched their own shadow which the Kelbim was hiding in it and forms the Light Shadow Combo Strike attack.

The next episode has Jun explaining to Apollo about the character hito which means two people supporting each other. Pierre comes into the room asking Tsugumi if she wants to go to El Sueno's live show together but then sees Sophia and asks her if she wanted to go. She instead gives him a letter from back home. The letter was from his sister telling him that the family is doing ok and that Lopez is getting marry to Esperanza who Pierre once loved. Pierre easily defeats a Kelbim in Aquarion Mars and wants to fight even more. He was tired afterwords and while sitting in the cafeteria, he kept putting a cup and a bowl together back and forth. Apollo sneaks up from behind and whacks Pierre in the head to cheer up him which he leaves afterwords. While in the shower, Pierre says that he wants to do it with someone. During class, he keeps putting his pen and cap together while looking at every girl in the room. Sophia asks Pierre what's the union according to some formula which his answer was "Yes! I wanna do it!" and everyone laughs at him. He was sitting alone putting the cup and bowl which Chloe was reading some books and thought Pierre saw her panties while sitting down who throws a book at him. Jun and Tsugumi wonders what's wrong with Pierre which Rena replies that he's broken as a man. During a simulation, he recalls his time with Esperanza while during union which causes his mind to break. Sophia tells Jun, Lihua, and Apollo that Pierre is suffering from union dependence which he needs to unite in order to survive. If he unites one more time, his mind will break. Pierre is imprisioned while a Kelbim attacks his home city of San Jose. The Kelbim attack causes Esperanza's legs to be stuck under a truck. Apollo, Jun, and Silvia unite to form Solar Aquarion to fight two Kelbim soliders. They attack one of them and thought they killed it only to have it revive. Jun determines that the other one was the real host and they attack it with Infinity Punch but only to find out the weak point shifted back to the other one. The Kelbim soldiers are called Kumbha and Nikumbha who known as undying immortals.

Silvia was injured during the battle and Tsugumi switched with her. The vice commander is angry at Pierre's inability to fight at this time. Pierre wants to fight but can't as Tsugumi and Jun are switched with Chloe and Lihua. They tried to fight the enemy as Luna Aquarion but unable to beat them. The commander comes to Pierre's cell to show him the hito character and rips it into two. He tells Pierre that when he's about to fall, there's something you must do before you can get help. Sirrus switches with Lihua and tries to beat it with an arrow but it counterattacks which Chloe is injured by it. The vice commander wanted to switch again but none of the regulars are left and asks for the second group. A sacred kid was about to switch when Pierre comes in and switches with Chloe. They united into Mars Aquarion with Pierre as the head and feel a burning passion during the union. He kicks one of the Kelbim soliders into orbit before destroying it. Mars falls down to Earth near Pierre's family and ex-girlfriend. The vice commander asks Sirrus and Apollo to cancel the union but they refused to do so. He tries to cancel the union but unable to. The commander tells them that before standing up, you must fall all the way. Pierre is wishing for support somewhere in his heart. The commander transforming the hito character into dai by adding a hortizonal slash across it. The combination of both dai and hito becomes otoha which represents the growth into adulthood. Pierre manages to recover and lifts the truck to free Esperanza. The Kelbim soldiers returned but they were quickly defeated by the new Broken Heart Fast Attack. Esperanza realizes that Pierre was in Aquarion and he wishes for her to be happy. Sophia will montior the Elements' mental health more closely in the future to prevent the dependence but she may have to work on Jun since he was putting the bowl and cup together.

After the great previous two episodes, it goes back to the monster of the week format with Silvia and Pierre getting some character development. I was hoping that they would continue with the plot a little bit more but oh well. At least I was happy that I was able to watch some Aquarion after two months without it. The next episode might involve Rena, Tsugumi, and probably Jun with his emergence of the union dependence disease.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Speed Grapher 18-19

Tennouzu group begins its marketing campaign to spread the drop of the Goddess with using Kagura's image as the poster child. Suitengu's goons are enjoying their new lives with women and booze. Tsujidou tells Suitengu about the recent wherabouts of Saiga and Kagura. Kagura awaits for Saiga on a dock while he was coming back for crab fishing. They planned to set out to an island on a boat that they managed from a local fisherman. During the night, two ships managed to capture them and lock them up. The next morning, they go to the mainland and see Ryougoku get out of a car. He tells them to get into the car and that they going to Tokyo. While heading to Tokyo, Ryougoku tells them that he got a message from Nishiya to direct Saiga to a member of the Diet, Ochiai Seiji. Seiji was a former member of the media and not part of the ruling party. Suitengu has power over the judiciary and the police which Seiji will protect them. The car got stopped at a checkpoint but once the police officer looked at the license plate, he allowed it to move on. The car is owned by the country of Rikadonia which doesn't follow Japan's laws. Rikadonia is a small country that has many natural resources which allows them to stand up to the bigger powers. They heading towards Rikadonia's embassy to stay over but they going to meet with Seiji before that. They meet with Seiji while sparring with someone.

Seiji wants Saiga to spar with him for a round which he accepts. During sparring, Seiji tells Saiga that Suitengu is being backed up by Prime Minister Kamiya. He wants to remove Kamiya from office by exposing the connection between him and Suitengu. They cemented the agreement with both of them hitting each other at the same time in the head. They arrived at the embassy and get escorted to their rooms. Kagura visits Saiga's room and wants to sleep in his room since she can't sleep without him. Saiga decides to go sleep in Kagura's room and has a flashback of a more personal meeting with Seiji. Seiji tells him that Suitengu has all three branches of the government and plans to reveal the club in the nest meeting of the Diet. He tells them about the Circle of White Eagles which the members are made up of joournalists, Diet members from the other party, and critics who want to reveal Kamiya's actions. In order for the media to move, Seiji needs testimonies from Saiga and Kagura and want to show off their powers. Saiga didn't mind making things public but didn't want Kagura to be a circus freak for everyone to stared at. Seiji will promise to take them out of the country once they do their parts. Ryougoku examines Kagura the next day and even though she's fatigued, she will be fine. Nishiya wants to study Kagura as soon as possible and wants Saiga to go to the Diet. Ryougoku takes Nishiya outside of the room to tell him that Saiga isn't planning to testify. Nishiya is more interested of studying Kagura than anything else and decides to tell her that she has only a few months to live along with Saiga will go blind.

The next episode has Saiga watching a guy getting slap by a girl and then makes a phone call. Seiji is listening and conducting to some classical music when Saiga called him to tell him that he will testify. Saiga wants Seiji to send Kagura out of the country along with Ryougoku and the other doctors so she can get treatment. Seiji will have Saiga to meet with the Circle of White Eagles tomorrow. Meanwhile, Ginza and her partner investigate a hit and run murder. He mentions that they have been a lot of impulse crimes lately which the criminals are normal people instead of the crazy people. Ginza decides to slack off work and get a drink instead since she has so much money from Tennouzu stocks. She wonders where Saiga is while looking at a billboard of Kagura and smashes a Kagura keychain. Kagura tells Saiga that she's going to testify at the Diet which he was not happy with. He tells her that he's going to testify alone since it would bring attention to Suitengu if the both of them went together. Kagura said that she wants to be with Saiga forever which he promised her but he lied. She slaps him for saying that and tells him that Nishyia told her the truth. She wants to be with him with her remaining time that she has left. Saiga decides to go outside and meets up the man who got slapped earlier but he was drunk. They decided to go to a bar and drink. The guy introduces himself as Joe while Saiga introduces himself as a loser. Joe says that Japan is at war which people kill with rolls of cash instead of cannons and wants to stop the war. He asks Saiga what he's gonna to do which he said that he doesn't care about the country. Joe says that Saiga wouldn't run away and that he's probably heading to a battlefield right now but doesn't why he doesn't it. Saiga said that maybe he does it for a woman. His encounter with Joe wanted him to take a picture for the first time in a while.

The next day, Saiga decides to have Kagura to testify at the Diet after all but he's going first so they won't stand out. In actually, Saiga lies to Kagura for the last time. Ginza meets with Saiga's former editor to get information on Saiga's wherabouts but he doesn't know where he is. The editor takes a taxi while Ginza follows him. He makes a call to Saiga to tell him that he can't meet with him and to go on without him. Saiga asks him about Joe which he tells him that his name is Jouji Kitazawa. He's a talented non-fiction writer and acts like Saiga of the past. Saiga meets with the Circle of the White Eagles. Kagura finds out that Ryougoku is taking her to the airport but they get surrounded by cars. Saiga asks if Joe's here yet to a member which she replied with that there's a mole within the organization. Joe soon arrives and gives Saiga the list of members of the club which Seiji is a member of. Seiji begins to emit high frequency waves which begins to cause people pain and reveals his true form. Everyone except for Saiga begin to bleed out from their ears and eyes which they eventually died. Ginza encounters the editor outside of the building where Saiga and the White Eagles are at. Seiji tells Saiga that Kagura is in trouble before he tries to kill to Saiga.

These two episodes significally slowed down the pace of the story and action. Saiga and Kagura hoped that they could bring Suitengu's crimes to the public but their best intentions failed as their so called ally betrayed them. Kagura is now mostly mad at Saiga for lying to her along with leaving her so he could protect and/or die for her. The next episode will have Saiga battling Seiji with his power of sound. There probably some advancement of the Kagura and Ginza's side stories.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Shuffle 10

The episode begins with Rin and Sia confessing their feelings on a sunset beach and suddenly it stops with a movie film type effect. Then Midoriba, Mayumi, Kaede, and Nerine congraduated them for their marriage. It ended up to be Sia's dream. Sia's father is happy about the recent developments and begins to plan for their wedding. Sia and Rin met by the fountain and have a day together. Sia's father is using Primula to practice his speech for Sia which Kaede overheards it. Then he takes Primula out to eat while planning the wedding which Kahera and Asa heards. Sia and Rin visits a pet store while Primula tries on wedding dresses and kimonos with Sia's father. The people began to stare at Rin and Sia as rumors begin to spread about their upcoming marriage. Rin and Sia headed to arcade to play the claw game and see guys staring at them. At Nerine's home, her father is playing Shogi and Chess by himself while Nerine sits alone looking at the sunset. More people begin to say about the marriage rumors to them until Mayumi talks to them. She asks why they hide such a big story from her but they don't know what they were talking about. Midoriba comes by and tells them that they are getting married. Then the three defense forces fight each other while Rin and the others escaped from their wrath. Rin tells them that the marriage rumor is fake. Kaede and Rin have dinner without talking about the marriage rumor. Later in the night, Asa calls if she could talked Kaede but she was in the bath. Sia is thinking that she would have Kaede, Rin, and Nerine lived in the same house.

The next day, Rin meets with Nerine with people staring at them. They decided to go out with a walk. Kaede was hanging laundry when Sia stopped by. Sia was going shopping and was wondering if Kaede wanted anything, but she didn't. Now it begins to rain while Asa's mom and Sia meet in the market. Nerine and Rin ended up spending the day together and she was happy that she could finally be alone with Rin. Rin begins to think about how Nerine felt when he was spending time with Sia. Sia sees them at the swingset which Nerine confessed to Rin. Sia sits in her room thinking about what happened just now. Her father comes into the room with a wedding dress which makes Sia do something unpleasant to her dad. Rin and Sia meet at the school during the night. Sia wants to prove that she will be the best bride for him but only thinks of herself right now. She wants to allow Rin to get her to know her more. They look out the window at the end of the episode.

It seems that Nerine and Sia have confess their feelings to Rin which he has no clue what to do now. Leave it to Sia's father to start rumors about marriage and going overboard as usual. Well at least they finally moving with the story a little bit. The next episode will have Mayumi working at a cafe and a new girl in glasses shows up.

Shuffle 9

Sia and Nerine's fathers are having fun chasing each other while everyone is embarrassed by them on the beach. Kaede, Asa, and Kareha get nice reactions from the guys on the beach when Mayumi show off her bikini, she didn't get a nice reaction. Sia shows her bikini and everyone likes it. Asa is concerned about Primula's swimsuit which is a school swimsuit. Nerine shows up in a school swimsuit as well due to her father's suggestion. The swimsuit was a part of plan to get Rin to pay attention to Nerine more. Mayumi starts to say that the chest shouldn't be a girl's worth is decided on but Midoriba counters with that she should at least have a bigger chest than Primula's. Nerine decided to change into another swimsuit so Rin could see it. Sia and Rin have a water fight. Mayumi, Kaede, Kahera, and Asa are playing volleyball. Midoriba is checking out the girls and trying to get some. Primula is making a sand castle but it gets washed away by the sand. Nerine joins with Sia and Rin in the water but they soon get washed by a wave. After the wave passed by, Nerine was embracing Rin since she can't swim and there aren't any waves in the Demon World. Rin decides to teach Nerine how to swim and Sia tries to get Rin to play with her but doesn't work. After getting some food, Mayumi, Kareha, and Kaede passed by a beach restaurant which Kareha is attracted by the waitress's uniform. Midoriba finds a woman lying on a towel only to be revealed as his teacher which she doesn't recognized him. Primula makes a better sandcastle only again to be washed away by the tide. Asa is on a raft which a wave makes her go into the water and she loses her top. Sia is getting bored with Rin teaching Nerine how to swim and decides to take away the kickboard and funnel tube so Nerine could actually learn how to swim. Rin is floating in the water and Asa puts her breasts on Rin's back. After a little fun for Asa, Rin decides to take her to the changing room which Sia sees them. Sia and Nerine confronted Asa and Rin in the changing room about Rin's intentions. Asa explains Rin's intentions were good before collasping due to the sun.

The group has a nice lunch with Kahera serving the food. Asa manages to recover from her sunstroke. Sia and Rin lay on a raft on the beach and they wanted to swim after resting for a little bit. Rin wakes up to find him and Sia are drifting in the water. They head towards an island before they become sunburnt. They tried to find the others on the island but with no success and begin to explore the island for people. They walked in tall grass with Sia hurting her ankle. Rin carries Sia on his back during the night and arrive at a small pond. While healing her ankle, Sia embraces Rin when a wild animal comes close to them. They run away from the animal and ended up tripping over a root and run to the beach after seeing light. They found no one on the beach and begin to talk about setting up a life on the island but Primula walks behind them getting shells. They were about to kiss when the others interrupt them which they discovered that they on a different part of the island that everyone else was on. Primula's third sand castle was washed away by the tide once again.

Sia and Rin's relationship has taken another step as a pseudo-deserted island experience further their romance. At this point, Sia is definitely above the other girls for Rin's affection. The next episode will continue the battle of Rin's affection with a confession in the moonlit.