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Monday, September 05, 2005

Air Summer Special 1

This is an extension of the summer arc in the Air TV series where the origins of the present's troubles are revealed. The episode starts with three people Kanna, Ryuuya, and Uraha are running in the rain trying to escape from some soldiers. Ryuuya attacks the soldiers and managed to defeat a couple of them before hiding in the tall grass. He asks Uraha for Kanna's change of clothes to use as a distraction and throws the clothes into the river along with a rock so the soldiers will search the river instead of the forest. He captures one of the soldiers for some answers and was about to kill him when Kanna told him not to. She makes him to vow not to kill another person ever again which he accepts. The next day, Kanna changed into clothes that Uraha stole so she will look more like a village girl than a noble. During their trek, Kanna practices juggling stones which she is not good at and injures herself while trying.

They encountered a market on the road which Kanna asks them what are the various foods are but Uraha keeps bringing up stories which she had bad experiences with them. Her noble heritage keeps getting the best of her as she mentions things that only people of noble heritage will know. Uraha mysteriouslly disappears for most of the day while Kanna fights with a chicken which the chicken beats her. An old man asks Ryuuya and Kanna for anything they could give since he has only the clothes on his back. They give him a fan and went on their way when Uraha walks next to them. Uraha gives Kanna a walnut from a tree at a nearby shrine. Kanna goes off to get some firewood while Uraha and Ryuuya talked. Uraha mentions that there was a checkpoint up ahead and they were searching for people with wings. Ryuuya asks Uraha if he could keep that vow which she tells him about how Kanna wanted to go after him during their escape. She believes that he will keep the vow and how he wouldn't kill that man since it would a bad example to her. During the night, Kanna wanted to give Ryuuya something but the episode ends there before she could revealed what it was.

I suggest that you watched the TV series first before watching the summer special otherwise you have no clue what's going on. This episode was too much comedy for me and didn't have the serious Air mood of the TV series. The animation is still crisp and beautiful as usual. The OP and ED will pretty much the same except for the OP have some scenes with Summer Arc characters. The next and final episode will cover Ryuuyu's past of the arc.


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