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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Air Summer Special 2

Kanna wants Ryuuya to see her juggle the beanbags which he initially refuses do so but decides to watch anyway. After a lenghty speech from Kanna, she finally tries to juggle the bags but she throws the bags everywhere. This goes on into the morning which Ryuuya tells her to calm down. She manages to juggle them for a little bit which Ryuuya praises for her for doing it. Ryuuya tries to wake up Kanna by pinching her nose but doesn't work. Uraha comes by and pulls her pillow right from under her which wakes her up. Kanna plays around with a rabbit while Ryuuya looks at a map. She looks at the map and ask him what it says since she can't read. Uraha tried to teach her how to read but her method of doing it was that she made her to memorize 100 poems a day. Kanna decided to throw the poems into the stove which Uraha never forgave her for doing it and pulls on Kanna's mouth. Kanna decides to leave them to go practice with her juggling and screams suddenly.

Ryuuyu and Uraha went towards her direction to find a dead monk. During the night, Kanna asks Ryuuyu about his past. He tells her that he was abandoned when he was young and was picked up by a traveling monk. He didn't know the monk's name and when he was five, he saw the monk died in front of him by a bunch of bandits. The monk prayed to the ones who killed him that they make it to Paradise. The bandits decided that Ryuuya wasn't worthy enough to kill. After that, he became a merc and did anything to survive. Kanna makes Ryuuya realized that the monk did saved him back then through his prayers. He's happy that he met Kanna and vice versa. Kanna decides to undress in front of Ryuuya from Uraha's advice which he talked about his past that means he loves you. After Kanna insults Ryuuya's sexual preference and potency, he decides to go after her. After fooling around, he calls out Uraha which she shows herself. She even doubt Ryuuya's potency and if he would touch Kanna. Uraha wanted to use Ryuuya as practice for Kanna about the advances of men. Kanna tells them about a dream where she was happy even though she was different and with different people. Then she manages to juggle the bags a lot better than before. The next day, she wanted to take the rabbit with her but it goes back to its mother. The moment gives her even more determination to meet her mother.

This episode was little bit more serious with Ryuuya's past and the whole advance thing. Somehow, I didn't like the comedy that much in the special but it would be offset with their sad fate at the end which episode 9 of the TV series shows. Well, I doubt there will be anymore Air anime now but it was a fun and sad ride while it lasted.


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