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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bleach 47

Hinamori breaks out her cell to kill Aizen's murderer. The 10th's squad vice captain, Matsumoto has a flashback of when she first met Gin and wakes up in the adminstrative office where Hitsugaya was finishing some paperwork. She questions if Gin really killed Aizen but before he could answered, another member of the 10th squad reports that Renji, Hinamori, and Kira broke out of their cells. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto went to Hinamori's cell and see that she forced her way out. He admits that they should have sealed her spirit force but they didn't think that she would go that far. He goes and tries to find Hinamori before she does something she will regret. Meanwhile, Ichigo continues to train with Zangetsu and managed to get better slowly but went through 52 swords already.

Yoruichi ends day one of Ichigo's bankai training while Hitsugaya investigates Kira's cell. Ichigo and Yoruichi relaxes in a regenerating hot spring with Yoruichi toying with Ichigo a bit. They talked about Urahara and how he was the former captain of the 12th Squad and the first chief of the Technological Development Bureau. Hitsugaya encounters Gin and Kira which he mentions that Kira's cell was unlocked from the outside and was going to kill Gin before Hinamori shows up. She draws her sword at Hitsugaya for killing Aizen and reveals the contents of the letter. The letter details a plot for control of Soul Society. Hitsugaya tries to get some sense into Hinamori but her rage is denying all common sense. He tries to go after Gin but Hinamori was blocking his way and forced him to knock her out. Hinamori was so in rage that she gripped her sword so tightly that blood came out. Hitsugaya and Gin decided to fight each other which the episodes at that point.

We got some revelations about Urahara and Aizen's letter which will have a lasting impact on the story. The episode will continue with Hitsugaya and Gin battling each other with Matsumoto joining into the frey.


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