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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bleach 48

After showing off their fighting auras, Hitsugaya and Gin begin to fight each other with their soul slayers. After some combat with just the blades, Hitsugaya summons his Shikai form which has two abilities. The first ability is the chain and sickle combination which is attached at the bottom of the hilt. The second ability allows him to form a dragon of water and ice and control the weather, Hyourinmaru. The dragon was able to freeze Kira and Gin's arm. Gin uses his Shikai to kill Hinamori but Matsumoto blocks the attack which causes a crack on her soul slayer. She asks Gin to withdraw his sword as it continues to crack further. Meanwhile, Yoruichi reflects on Ichigo's training as his spirit force hasn't increased much compared to his combat skills. She remembers that when they entered the Court, Rukia's execution was in 25 days but she originally thought they would have one day until the execution after the bankai training. Lucky for them when they walked through the gate between Soul Society and the living world that they were chased by the Capturing Thrust. Somehow, they were thrown backwards in time when they entered Soul Society. This would allow an additional eight days for training if needed but the training method that Urahara used was only successful for him and anything longer than three days would cause damage to Ichigo's soul.

Rukia receives some terrible news about her execution date as it's moved up to tomorrow. Hitsugaya and Matsumoto look over at Hinamori's injured body as they remember the events from a few hours ago. Gin decided to withdraw his attack on Hinamori and walked away from the battle. Matsumoto remembers Gin's habit of disappearing without telling anyone as he left. Hitsugaya tries to figure out how Aizen's letter was forged and makes a link to Rukia's execution as part of Gin's plan. They received a message about Rukia's new execution date and decides to stop it. The other squads learned about Rukia's new execution date at the same time. Meanwhile, Ichigo continues with his bankai training without knowing about the new date until Renji decides to join them. He tells them about Rukia's new execution date and goes off to a different area to do his own bankai training as he is close to achieving it since he was able to materize his soul slayer's avatar. Ichigo becomes even more determined to achieve bankai. Rukia will try to ask for Ichigo and the others to be spared and thinks that she doesn't deserve forgiveness. She remembers the time when she cried over the death of Kaien.

This episode ends the Hitsugaya and Gin fight and Rukia's execution date is moved up to the next day. The reason for suddenly moving up the date is unknown at this time but it only further proves the point that the consipiracy is about attaining the power of the execution device. At this point now, the next few episodes will overall take place within a day except for the next one as it will uncover Rukia's past with Kaien who was Gantu's brother with maybe some stuff in the present.


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