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Friday, September 16, 2005

Bleach 49

Rukia is about to meet her new Captain but she wants to be treated as an ordinary new squad member instead of a member of the Kuchiki clan. For her, it's not quite that easy as she was exempt from the graduation and squad entrance exam but there was someone who would treat that way. The vice-captain, Shiba Kaien wasn't pleased from the greeting that Rukia and demanded the proper greeting. She was happy with how Kaien treated her but couldn't get Byakuya happy as she wasn't a seated officer due to her power. Kaien talked to Rukia while drinking tea before a drunken Kiyone and Sentarou appeared and ruined the moment. Kaien easily defeated a Hollow while Rukia was on the ground which Kaien's wife, Miyako treated Rukia's injuries. She wanted to become the type of woman that Miyako was. One day, Kaien sends Miyako on a recon mission about a Hollow who managed to kill every Shinigami it meets. The recon mission was a failure as only Miyako managed to come back but she was unconscious. During the night, Miyako begins to kill random Shinigami with a sinister smile on her face. She tries to kill Rukia and the others but managed to stop herself from killing them and escapes while killing more random Shinigami. Kaien, Ukitake, and Rukia chased after Miyako in the forest.

They find Miyako's clothes along with the Hollow. Kaien asks Ukitake and Rukia to stay behind while he fights with the Hollow. The Hollow was not controlling Miyako but was actually inside of her before eating her. Kaien begins to attack the Hollow and touches one of his feelers. That touch causes Kaien to lose his soul slayer. Rukia wanted to save him but Ukitake stops her from going since it would kill his pride. Ukitake says that there are two types of battles: ones for defending pride and ones for defending life. The Hollow enters into Kaien's body and controls him to try to kill Ukitake and Rukia. Ukitake save Rukia's life and battles the controlled Kaien. The Hollow thought Ukitake wouldn't kill Kaien but he attacks him anyway. Before Ukitake could do anything else, he coughed up blood from his bad health. The controlled Kaien was about to attack Rukia when she plunged her soul slayer through him. Kaien thanked the Captain for not interfering and agologized to Rukia before dying. Rukia thinks that she's not worthy for being saved by anyone. Ukitake talks with Byakuya about the execution date which Byakuya tells him that he will abide with the execution while Ukitake was shocked by it and coughs up more blood.

Rukia's past is finally revealed and her love of Kaien. She believes that she was saving herself while killing Kaien but that was partly true. She doesn't realized that he was happy at the end and didn't see his smiling face when he died which only Gantu saw in the forest. Even now, she thinks of herself as a monster but doesn't realizes the impact she had on Ichigo and the others. The next episode will continue with Ichigo's bankai training along with the various captains beginning to take various actions to stop or ensure Rukia's execution.


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