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Friday, September 30, 2005

Bleach 50

Yuzu is making a sailor suit for Kon but doesn't have the embroidery threads she needs. She goes off to buy some which Kon decides to leave but he's attached to two other stuffed animals. Don Kanonji shows up outside of Ichigo's house and tries to do his lines which some kids ad-lib into them. Karin shows up and asks why Don is here. He says that he's on vacation but his show is a downward spiral recently and wants her to be part of the Karakura Heroes again so he can become popular again. Karin goes into the house and Don begs for her to come out. Kon falls on top of the Don which he notices him. Kon tries to escape from Don but gets caught by Don and wants to use Kon as a mascot. Kon gets caught into the hero of justice thing to get women and becomes the Karakura King. Yuzu sees Don and Kon and asks Don what he's doing. She doesn't make the connection between the current Kon and the one that she has. She gives Kon a new costume to wear as the Karakura King. Kon, Don, and Yuzu go to Urahara's store to get Uruha and Jinta. Jinta initially refuses it but Yuzu managed to convince them to do it. Kon tries to run away from them but ends up going to training with them.

They have Kon on a drinking fountian and shot him up with a burst of water from it. Then they have him in a huge old-styled Victorian dress with a piece of string attached to it. Yuzu pulls on the string which causes rockets to shoot out and one of them hits Kon which he decides to run away again. Karin is having a headache and looks for Yuzu which she wasn't at home. Kon was crying about Rukia when suddenly a Hollow captured him. The Don and the others tries to search for Kon which they find him and Hollow in tow in the sky. Everyone sees the Hollow except for Yuzu who thinks that Kon is flying. The Hollow wants to have some fun with Kon in a bad way. Kon was about to be eaten when Don and the others show up which he says that he's doomed. Yuzu can't see the Hollow and was about to be kill when Karin saved her. Karin and Jinta chased after Kon along with the Hollow. They attack the Hollow while insulting each other. The Hollow then forms a whirlwind which everyone is trapped. Uruha takes Kon and escapes the whirlwind while ripping up his body with just the head left. She uses Kon as a volleyball while Jinta hits him like a baseball and Karin hits him as a soccer ball. The combined power of the hits destroys the Hollow. Don had a hidden camera in a box and shows the footage on his TV show. Kon returns to the house with him wearing the sailor suit outfit.

This episode was really stupid filler. I hate the Don so much that it brings the entire episode down except the joke in the beginning where the kids interrupt him. Anything that doesn't allow me to hear the Don's voice is a good thing. I have to feel sorry for Kon as he was put in that situation with those people. I guess the producers are trying to delay the pace of the anime catching up to the manga. If they going to do filler, make it good like episode 47. No more episodes of Don filler. The good news is that the next episode will continue with the Soul Society Arc with the 11th Squad taking on members of the 7th and 9th Squads.


  • At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Nunka said…

    This episode was such obvious, terrible filler that I almost puked after watching it. :(

  • At 7:48 PM, Blogger KT Kore said…

    Pfft, Don kicks ass.

  • At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Nunka said…

    Bah. His Engrish is funny, but the farts? Seriously. We don't need fart jokes.

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Don should not been seen or heard ever again. He hasn't a major role since his initial appearance (and no, I'm not counting the episode 33 omake) and should not ever appear again.


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