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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 7

Sousuke decides to call out Wraith on his balcony and begins to recite his mission to the general public. He gets a call from Wraith which he was not pleased with his actions. Sousuke doubts Wraith's mission to protect Kaname as she was attacked and kidnapped by thugs, gangesters, and terrorists and did nothing about it. Wraith tells Sousuke that he was a decoy from them and was playing around with him. He tells him that he can't protect her well since he couldn't fit in Japanese society and has to go away for other missions all the time. Kaname is rather in good spirits today even though it's raining. Kyouko asks why she's in such a good mood but she doesn't really answer her question. Kaname asks where Sousuke was which Kazuma doesn't know and keeps looking over at the door everytime someone opens it.

Sousuke is packing up his stuff in his apartment and planning to leave the area. His phone rings which is Kaname but doesn't answer it. After putting in the last box in the truck, Sousuke hates himself for it. Kyouko is depressed about her recent tests and asks how Kaname did. She wonders how Kaname does so well which she asks about her way of success which she avoids the subject. She mentions about Sousuke not showing up which makes Kaname wants to party at a karaoke bar. Suddenly, one of the assassin twins walked next to Kaname which scares the living crap out of Kaname. She calls Sousuke but gets the out of range or phone turned off message and decides to head home with a concerned Kyouko behind her. She locks her door and turns on the TV with a pillow over her head. After hearing the laughter on the TV, she turns it off and hears knocking on her door. She heads over to the door with a lamp as her weapon to see a flier in her mail slot. Then she hears her home phone ringing and picks it up. She doesn't get a reply back and sees the caller id shows up as caller unknown. She tries to call Sousuke with no success and decides to head to Sousuke's place to use his transmitter to contact him. Once arriving at his place, she sees her notebook at the entrance and tries to turn on the lights with no success. Then she sees that all of his stuff is gone.

I would really thought that Sousuke would disobey the order and stay with Kaname but I was wrong. He even didn't say goodbye to her since it would probably hurt the both of them. Now, Kaname will be probably scare of her life now since Sousuke is gone. The chance encounter with one of the assassin twins is just the beginning of the downfall of Kaname and things will probably get worse for her in the future as Wraith will do nothing or fails miserbly. The next episode will have Sousuke fighting against the black M9 in episode 5 along with the appearance of the pilot.


  • At 10:02 AM, Anonymous nis said…

    AH thanks for the summary! I couldn't find episode 7 anymore so I really appreciate it as well as the caps.


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