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Monday, September 19, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 8

Sousuke has returned to Merina Island along with a Lieutenant. He speaks with Tessa after arriving back to the island. She asks if he told Kaname that he was leaving which he said no and proceed to the reasons of why he was pulled off the bodyguard duty. She wants him to focus on piloting the Arbalest to its full potential. Then after seeing Sousuke's lack of emotion, Tessa starts to rant at him for not realizing her feelings and keeps his emotions inside. Tessa's secretary suddenly calls her saying that Lieutenant Grouseaux has arrived. Sousuke leaves Tessa's office and sends in Grouseaux. She asks him if he has met his subordinates and hasn't yet but wants to try something with them. Sousuke and Kurz talk to each other in a bar when Grouseaux sits next to them. Kurz tells him that he can't sit there since his dead superior, Lt. Gail McAllen used to sit there. Grouseaux tells him that Gail was spineless which causes Kurz to attack him with no success. Sousuke ask Grouseaux to take back what he said about Gail but he counters back with what Sousuke do if he refuses. Sousuke wouldn't fight back with a superior so Grouseaux decides to make him to play a game with him. Meanwhile, Gates talks with a silver-haired guy who came to deliver a machine and tell him what the twin assassins are doing but Gates decides to do nothing about it.

Twin assassin girls talked to each other as one of them talked about how she met with Kaname and that their Sensei is fine. Sousuke and Grouseaux faced off in the Arbalest and the black M9 respectfully. Grouseaux tells Sousuke that he is Uruz's new commander. They begin to fight with each other but Grouseaux was clearly the more skilled and focused one in the battle. Tessa and the Mithril crew watched the game as she explains that this game is a good idea for Sousuke to understand his weakness. Sousuke was clearly defeated by Grouseaux and ends up in a hosiptal with Kurz taunting him. Grouseaux tells Sousuke that he lost because he hates the Arbalest. Sousuke thought Grouseaux beat him with the Lamdba Driver but he didn't need one. Grouseaux goes to his room and meets with Mao. He tells her that Sousuke was exactly like him back in the day and not to mention that he was a comrade of Gail to the others. Meanwhile the city of Hong Kong is being attacked by an AS that should have stayed in the past.

This episode introduces Grouseaux as the new commander of the Uruz team and the pilot of the black M9. Sousuke needs to let out his emotions and drop the soldier boy act because it will get him kill one day which Tessa and everyone else realizes by now. The next episode will have Kaname trying to avoid being killed by twin assassin girls and meets with the silver-haired guy.


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