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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid 9

Kaname is watching TV at 4 in the morning while becoming paranoid over a cat outside of her window. While walking to school, she looks all around her trying to find the person watching her. Kyoto tries to ask her what's wrong but she tells her that nothing is wrong. The teacher tells Kaname that she received a letter from Sousuke about him quitting school and asks her if she knows where he is. Kaname tells her that she doesn't know where he is. She decides to draw out the person who's watching her instead of moping about losing Sousuke. She goes to arcades, music stores, and a clothing store to draw out the watcher. While sitting alone, a drunk business man talks to her and suddenly decides to go to a hotel with him. After arriving at the hotel room, the man tries to fondle with Kaname but ends up getting tasered and handcuffed to the bathtub. She gets undressed and puts on a bathrobe. She tries to go to the next building over through the hotel room but ending up falling to the ground. She climbs up a fire escape to the roof and finds her target.

Kaname confronts Wraith which he figures out that the whole thing was a way to confront him. He tells her that someone else was following her before getting shot by one of the assassin twins. The twin starts shooting at Kaname which she runs away from her. After running out of bullets, the twin starts to chase her with a sword. Kaname hides a makeshift shelter while the twin finds her robe. When she slashed at it, there was no body since Kaname was actually on a nearby roof which she shot her with a stun gun. Kaname puts her torned robe back on before Mr. Silver with two big goons next to him which one of them is carrying Wraith's body. Kaname notices a resemble of Tessa while looking at Mr. Silver who's actually is Tessa's brother, Leonard. Yu Lan wakes up from the attack and refuses Leonard's request to stop her sister's attack on Hong Kong. She tries to kill Leonard but one of the goons breaks her sword with just his arm. The goon soon chokes out Yu Lan and kills her. Leonard tells Kaname about the Arastoff which is the world's smallest AS. Kaname tries to talk to Leonard how pointless it was to kill her but he comes back with Sousuke killing a lot more people. She defends Sousuke's actions but Leonard tells her that she loves him which Kaname denies before being kissed by him. She slaps him for the kiss and asks him to leave Wraith's body here. He accepts her request in exchange for her apology about being slapped. Wraith was injected with something that makes him unable to move his body and refuses Kaname's help before dying. She punches a tank and cries about how Sousuke isn't here to protect or be with her. She tells the dead Wraith that instead of dying, she will struggle to stay alive a bit longer.

A truly excellent episode. Kaname's character really kicks ass in this episode. Instead of crying endlessly that Sousuke isn't here, she decides to confront her problems and kept her cool against Yu Lan and the others. Probably the best episode yet. The next episode will bring the story back to Sousuke as he deals with his own problems of the heart.


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