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Monday, September 12, 2005

Futakoi Alternative 10

A representative of Mitsugi's company named Shimojima meets with Rentarou at the Phoenix Bathhouse. The start of the meeting was quite interesting with Rentarou grabbing Shimojima's elephant trunk (the show uses the metaphor and quite an icebreaker I would see). After that incident, they keep passing a bucket with a huge amount of money back and forth while in the bath. This will go on until Rentarou puts the bucket on the outer ridge of the bath. The money is for Soujyu's expenses but Rentarou refuses his offer. He wants to project Soujyu by himself without any help but Shimojima doesn't believe that he can and wants him to contact him. Since the detective agency was burned down, Soujyu and Rentarou lived with Sugisaku as freeloaders. Even Sugisaku has her problems as the shopping district is slowly closing up around her. Soujyu and Rentarou went to the remains of the agency while the Sakurazuri twins ran away from home because of their father's plan to redevelop the shopping district into a shopping mall. Sugisaku and Gentarou team up to try to save the shopping district but the store in front of the station is drawing in more customers. Meanwhile, a bear was handing out fliers to save the district and hears a couple insulting the district. It decides to beat up the boyfriend for the comments. It sits on a bench looking lonely which it was Rentarou in the costume. He remembers while standing in front of the rubble with Soujyu that she tells him to go find her like he did two years ago. Back to the present, Rentarou encounters a person in a squid costume.

The squid is actually the one who started the fires a couple of years back. It starts shooting fireballs at Rentarou and starts to choke him. One of the cops shoots of the tentacle that the squid was choking Rentarou with and escapes. Rentarou considers leaving Japan while Soujyu waits for him to find her on the river-side. He goes back home to see Sugisaku and the others threw him a party for the two year anniversary of the agency. They ask Rentarou where Soujyu was. Suddenly, he remembers that he was supposed to search for her. The old lady at the party snaps some sense into Rentarou which he begins to search for Soujyu. He searches for her during the night but with no success and ends up getting into an accident on the moped. He continues to search for her with his injuries even when the sun came up. Rentarou finds her on the river side and she goes into the river. He embraces Soujyu in the river and rests for the remainier of the day. The squid returns to set the city on fire during the night and Rentarou decides to fight against the squid.

This episode allows Rentarou to start setting things right with Soujyu and eventually with Sara. He's given the chance to enact revenge against the squid which kill his father two years ago in the next episode. The ending credits were changed with monotage footage of the battle between Rentarou's father and the squid along with an interesting tidbit at the end.

If at that time, I had made love to Sara and Soujyu, would we have been able to become happy?

It seems that he doubts that they could have been happy together if they had sex with each other. One of the other things that doesn't get a lot of mention is what would happen Sara and Soujyu try to compete for Rentarou. Maybe it will happen in the final two episodes but I don't know. This selfishless by the twins over Rentarou is unique because this issue was part of the previous series. Also, the transition between the preview and the ending credits was seemless which was pretty cool in my opinion. The next episode will probably have the final battle between Rentarou and the Squid and hopefully an appearance of Sara who was M.I.A. in this episode.


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