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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Futakoi Alternative 9

Rentarou and Soujyu are trying to bypass the time to deal with the departure of Sara. A flashback reveals that Soujyu came back to Rentarou after Sara left her alone and went to Mitsugi. Rentarou talks to Mitsugi which they agreed not to contact each other ever again for the both of them. Rentarou and Soujyu went shopping together and had fun riding with the shopping cart in the store as a way to distract themselves from Sara's departure. While Rentarou and Soujyu were hanging out by the river, Gen tells them that their house burned to the ground. Rentarou started to laugh at the destruction and said that he must rebuild. The police questions Rentarou about the fire which he doesn't know anything. Soujyu investigates what remains of the office and finds a picture of them. Rentarou and Soujyu decided to start over their relationship which they were doing fun things. Even now, three of them were sad for being apart.

From what you can see, there isn't much. I couldn't really blog this episode well since it has so many emotional insights by Rentarou and the sisters that you can't describe into words. This series is something that you have to see not read about. The next episode seems to have Rentarou and the sisters dealing with their current problems along with some serious comedy by a bear. The next episode's title is Dance Like a Bear, Pierce Like a Squid. Maybe I can write more in the next episode/


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