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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Gundam Seed Destiny 45

PLANT is in chaos from the Requiem attack by Djibril from the previous episode while ZAFT is trying to form a plan to stop a second attack by Logos. Meanwhile, the Archangel crew is busy preparing for their trip to space. The Minerva is order to stop the cannon at the Daedalus Base. They will act as a surprise attack force while the rest of the fleet will keep the Logos forces busy. Meer is at the Lunar Surface City, Copernicus looking all depressed. Logos is charging the cannon and moving the colonies while protecting them from the ZAFT forces. Rey mentions that if they don't stop the cannon in time, it will destroy both fleets along with a PLANT colony. Before moving out, Shinn doesn't want Lunamaria to take out the cannon controls but she convinces him that a distraction tactic on the base is just as dangerous. Then they have an embrace in zero-g before moving out. Logos detected the approach of the Minerva just when Lunamaria launches in Impluse.

The Minerva sends out Destiny and Legend to deal with the Logos' forces while Lunamaria moves towards her target undetected. Dullindal is informed about the Minerva's progress and decides to broadcast the battle to everyone. Logos sends out the Destroy units to protect Faure but Destiny and Legend manages to take them out pretty easily. Impulse encounters resistance on her way. Djibril decides to fire Requiem even though the cannon isn't fully charge yet but they can't fire the cannon since they can't position the cannon and it will take out their forces as well. He tells them to fire anyway since he will use the chance to escape to Arzachel along with the head commanding Alliance officer. Lunamaria manages go inside of the base while Rey and Shinn head to attack the base headquarters. Logos is preparing to fire the cannon while Djibril is planning his escape. Lunamaria destroys the cannon control center while Shinn destroys a number of spacecraft. Rey meets up with the escaping Djibril and destroys his spaceship. Kira and Athrun have a talk about why the world doesn't remain quiet since The reason why is because of human desires and wishes. The next morning, the Archangel crew is given a speech by Cagalli before going off to Copernicus. She gives Neo the Akatsuki since she will not go out to space with them and tells Meyrin to take care of Athrun while she's gone. The Archangel launches into space to stop Dullindal's Destiny plan from happening.

In this episode, Shinn and Lunamaria more or less have become a couple which is sick to me. There's nothing like the story of how they fell in love with your father killed my crush and sister in the same day when they tell it to their kids. Djibril and the Logos' threat is finally crushed with no chance of him still being left alive (seeing his body vaporized is proof enough.) The final few episodes will deal with the Archangel crew trying to stop the Destiny plan with the Minerva being the main resistance against them. At some point, Talia's past will be revealed as a quick shot of her and an unknown boy was shown. I presumed the boy could be Rey but I'm unsure. If anything, she might be the one to betray Dullindal in the end. The next episode will have Athrun, Kira, Lacus, and Meyrin on Copernicus getting into trouble with ZAFT along with Meer having a mental breakdown.


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