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Friday, September 09, 2005

Ichigo 100% OVA 3

Junpei has a dream about deciding between Toujou and Satsuki with Misuzu acting like as his conscious. He wakes up during the night thinking about what to do about his love life with Toujou, Satsuki, and Nishino. Suddenly, he hears Yui coughing in his bed and checks her head that she has a fever. Yui has to stay at home instead of going to school and wants Junpei to return her friend's notes back to school. This seems simple enough but Yui's school, Oumi Academy, has security guards along with electrified fencing since it's an all-girl school. Junpei decides to throw a bag of trash over the fence so he could sneak into the school. After getting a little sicktracked by the girls, he manages to find Yui's classroom. Just when he was going to return the notes, Yui's class was coming back from gym. Junpei hides in a nearby locker and watches as the girls changed from the gym uniform to their school uniform. An annoucement from the school mentions that an intruder is in the school. Yui's friend finds the notes and mentions that it was weird. Class has resumed but Junpei is still hiding in the locker and having stomach problems. His problems is causing weird noises to come out from the locker which the girl sitting in front of locker was getting blamed for it. Then he starts to pound on the locker which at that point, the nearby girls checked the locker. Junpei runs away from the girls and tries to find a guy's restroom but there aren't any since it's an all-girl's school. He enters a girl's bathroom and finds two girls smoking. They tell the mob that he's in the bathroom. Two of the teachers are worried that there was an information leak about the physical examinations for today.

Junpei escapes the bathroom through the window but finds himself on a ledge a couple floors up. He realizes that he could have handed the notes to the guard and finds an open window but he's about to head into more trouble. The window leads to the room where the physical examinations are being held at. Junpei is immediately noticed and got caught between the near-naked girls. The guards along with the female mob converged on the examination room with Junpei escaping the room by going up the stairs. Someone yanks him with a collar to a room with a bra being caught in the door. Junpei escapes one kind of trouble and into another as his savior is a domimatrix. Before anything really bad could happen to him, someone asks her to hand Junpei over. The domimatrix runs away and Junpei's new savior is Nishino. She hides Junpei from the search parties and asks why he is at the school. Nishino tries to plan on how Junpei will escape and notices that her bra is on Junpei's bag. She puts on her bra next to Junpei which he tries to avoid naughty thoughts as he sees her via a mirror. Junpei tells Nishino that he will escape at the end of the day by blending in with Nishino's personal guards. He stays in the room throughout the entire day and eat lunch with her. The end of the school day comes which Junpei and Nishino use a tree to escape the school building. Junpei falls off the tree while Nishino lands on him a few seconds afterwards. He manages to sneak by the guards and almost blows the plan when his back cracked but he managed to blend in. Junpei is not out of trouble yet as Nishino shows affection to him which brings the attention of Nishino's personal guards. Then things get worse for Junpei as his friends from his school come and brings unwanted attention to him. After a severe beating by everyone, Junpei still hasn't escaped trouble as he sees Misazu's underwear and gets beaten up again.

This OVA was much better than the previous one. It follows its manga counterpart pretty well and made it better. Every character made a minor appearance in the OVA eventhough they didn't have a part in the original storyline. It seems to me that the OVAs will just pick random things in the manga that doesn't have much impact on the storyline or do something like second OVA which I hated. I do want to see an animated Kozue-chan to make an appearance but she doesn't appear until Junpei's final year of high school. This OVA still takes place in his second year. If she does make an appearance, it better be focus on her instead of Toujou or one of the main girls. I'm beginning to lose hope that the OVAs will give a final conclusion to the manga and if they did, it would be just horrible to watch.


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