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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Kamichu 5

Yurie isn't feeling well at school and collasped while listening to someone complaining about their life. Her mother takes Yurie back home while her brother takes her bike home. Tama was talking to the poverty god which she suggest that they should pray to the god of health but the poverty god had an incidient with the god awhile back. Yurie is still not feeling well and didn't go to school. Mitsue and Matsuri talked to Ken about Yurie being sick but he didn't remembered that she was sick. Sano asks Miko about charms to protect against sickness and wants to get one for Yurie. Team Happiness decided to stop by to see the sick Yurie and told her that they declined all wishes for the time being. Miko gives Sano the charm which Yashima asks if Yurie was sick. Yashima talks to everyone through Mitsue and says that the spirit world is been subdued by her absence while the regular world doesn't really care about Yurie's appearance. Sano puts the health charm next to you while she was sleeping.

Yurie is still feeling sick and stays at home for another day. She's feeling lonely since no one has visited her. Suddenly, her spirit is seperated from her body. She decides to go outside in her spirit form which most people can't see her or even touch her. The spirits can see her as she goes around the town. Yurie goes to the school and see Mitsue and Matsuri eating lunch together. After getting no response from them, she goes to the roof where Ken is doing calligraphy. She decides to touch his face but he suddenly turns towards her direction which at that point, return to her body. Later in the day, Mitsue and Matsuri visited Yurie to give her get well-charms. Matsuri gives her a dead lizard and a calligraphy writing that Ken did. Yurie wanted the calligraphy writing but Matsuri forced her to eat the lizard to get the writing. She finally came back to school but she should have study for finals which she didn't.

Even gods get sick as Yurie was bedridden for two days from a cold. Her loneliness made her to use her powers to seperate her spirit from her body for her to see everyone. The episode shows Yurie's importance as a god to the spirit world as she makes them happy. It seems that the next episode will introduce a couple of new characters and the title for the next episode is A Little Resolution.


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