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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Law of Ueki 22

Inumaru asks Sano why he joined the 10 eventhough it would go against his morals. Sano tells him of the time six months ago when he accepted to be Inumaru's representative. There was a burning house with a boy trapped inside. Sano decides to save the boy and tells Inumaru to stay back or otherwise he wouldn't accept his offer. He finds the boy but he's trapped under a bunch of rubble and can't lift it by himself. Inumaru gives Sano some help to life the rubble. Sano asks why he came to help even though he refused to allow him to help. Inumaru said that he couldn't ignore people when their lives are in danger. Sano accept Inumaru's offer and thought of him as his best friend. Karlpaccho mentions that the poision wouldn't kill Heavenly Beings so only Mori and Rinko would die. The situation becomes that if Ueki wins, Inumaru would die and if Sano wins, Mori and Rinko would die. Inumaru makes Ueki and Sano's choice for them as he decides to give Mori his power. In the rules, a God Candidate can't give powers to two contestants which is considered to be the greatest violation of the rules. Inumaru will go to Hell for doing this. Mori and Rinko tried to stop Inumaru but they cannot move at all. Karlpaccho says that Dogura Mansion is in Hell which there's no point of doing this. Inumaru says that he will go to the Prison of Death which Heavenly Beings are sentenced to death there. Either way, he's going to die no matter what except he chose how's he going to die. Inumaru tells Sano about the time when he mention his dream which he show a very beautiful view in the mountains. Sano wanted to use the blank Zai to build a hot springs in the mountains which people can relax and be happy. Inumaru didn't understand Sano's dream back then but he now does as he wanted to make people happy. After giving his powers to Mori, the portal to the Prison of Death opens up behind him.

Standing next to Inumaru was Kobasen as they told Sano and Ueki to find their own paths in life. Inumaru tells Ueki to take care of Sano while telling Sano that he was glad to be Sano's God Candidate before leaving. Everyone except for Karlpaccho was sadden by Inumaru's sacrifice. Karlpaccho laughed at Inumaru's sacrifice which Ueki wanted to beat the crap out Karlpaccho that point. Robert decided to switch Sano and Karlpaccho as now Karlpaccho will battle Ueki and the battle will start over. Ueki starts the battle with Ressen but Karlpaccho uses Don's power to change his ring into a rocket. Then Karlpaccho his Myoujin's power to change his whistle into a laser to remove the rope from the field. Karlpaccho's power is to copy the power of others and has all of the 10's powers but he had to be within 10 meters of a power user for over 24 hours to get the power. Since being the commander of the 10, he knows the weaknesses of their powers as well. He uses Black Shadow Man's power to turn his shadow into a clay doll to create multiple copies of himself and uses Don's power to fly into the air. Then Karlpaccho uses Rinko's power to try to kill Ueki in one blow but his body wasn't there. Ueki appeared somewhere else and Karlpaccho tries to blow up Ueki again but Ueki avoids the blast again. Ueki avoids the blasts with his 6-Star Treasure, Raikal which is a pair of skates that increases his speed but he can't jump with them on.

Inumaru makes the ultimate sacrifice as he give up his life so that Mori and Rinko will have a better chance to live but now Ueki has to face Karlpaccho who has the power to copy other powers. This will be Ueki's greatest battle yet as he faces an opponent who has all the powers of the 10 and knows how to use them to the fullest extent of their abilities. The next battle will continue the battle of Ueki and Karlpaccho along with the backstory of Robert.


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