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Friday, September 16, 2005

The Law of Ueki 23

Karlpacho created clones of himself that surrounds the entire platform and fires lasers at Ueki but he counters by going into the air with a tree and the lasers hits the other clones. Then Karlpacho has clones line up on one side of the platform and tries the lasers again. Ueki uses Raika to avoid the lasers and destroys the clones with Kurogane. Karlpacho tries to use the power to turn BBs into meteorites but Ueki avoids it and uses Ressen to destroy Karlpacho's ring. Karlpacho uses the clone ability to create clones with rings and capes along with a land force of clones. Ueki starts taking out land and aerial clones left and right until he managed to find the real one. He starts punching the real Karlpacho. Karlpacho pulls out a cell phone while Ueki fires the Kurogane at him. Ueki finds himself being blasted by the Kurogane's cannon ball. Karlpacho reveals that he also managed to copy two other powers: the ability to know an opponent's intentions into email and ability to switch positions with his opponent. Ueki tries to attack Karlpacho quickly enough before he could read the email but his attack failed as the Ressen attack hits Ueki instead. Ueki was really weak when Sano cheers Ueki up. Karlpacho uses the power to change beads into bombs, throws them above him. and then switching positions with Ueki.

Ueki gets caught up in the blast but he's still kicking and uses Ressen again. Karlpacho uses the power to switch positions again but Ueki was prepared for that and aimed the attack himself so it would hit Karlpacho instead. Karlpacho was falling into the lava and decides to use the power to switch positions so Ueki would fall into the lava but he caught into the Masshu instead. Ueki comes back into the platform by using a tree that he created. Karlpacho mentioned that he didn't received a mail about a Masshu attack. Ueki realizes that after he punched Karlpacho that he started to use the prediction power and figures out that the power would go to a new target once he touches someone else. Ueki uses Tenko to touch Karlpacho after Karlpacho attack him with the beads. He gives Karlpacho one nasty uppercut to completely defeat him and wins the entire tournament. They get sent back to the slot room and the bracelets are removed. They also received complementrary tickets for their next visit, a trophy, and a highlight reel that only shows Mori in it. Ueki wants to fight Robert for his one request to Robert if they won. He wants to fight Robert to regain his honor for losing to him earlier along with Kobasen's descent to Hell. Also, he wants to make sure that Robert doesn't get the blank Zai to erase the world and give the 10 any position they want. Robert tells them that the whole position thing was just a lie to get them to join. He hates Rinko more than anyone else since she betrayed him and being ingracious to him. He confused on why Ueki doesn't want to erase the human world but realizes that Ueki was a baby when he came to the human world while he was only 2 and had the knowledge of the Heavenly Beings along with the Sacred Treasures. Rinko remembers that she lived in the same town as Robert. When he was five, he was pelleted by rocks by the other kids and attack them with the Kurogane. The parents of the town wanted to remove Robert from the town but the person caring for him wouldn't allow it and consider him to be his own son.

Robert's 10 is finally defeated along with Robert's true motativations and part of his past are revealed. The next episode will continue with Robert's past along with round two of Robert vs. Ueki.


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