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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Law of Ueki 24

The episode continues with Robert's past as he and a bunch of his friends go out shopping since the Elder has work to do. They go shop to shop which the owners refused to sell them things since Robert was with them and being friends of a monster. As they walking around, they discovered that someone stole their money to buy food for the next three days. Robert decides to go home with his friends supporting him. His friends see a bread store during the night while Robert sits at home. He goes to the door and see the shopkeepers angry at him for forcing his friends to steal food from them. His friends said that Robert forced them to steal. He runs away from the mob and meets with the elder who locks him up in a building. He tells Robert that the reason why they locked up prisioners since they are scary and that no one will love him. The elder looked after him because he was given lots of money to do it. If he allow Robert to escape, he has to return the money but if he committed a crime and hands him to the town, he doesn't have to. Robert blows up the building with the Kurogane and ends up destroying the town. Robert said the Elder taught him that there's no justice in the world which humanity is a scared, weak piece of trash. He wants to unmask them with using the fear of the end of the world. Ueki knows that he can't allow Robert to win since it's too sad and Robert won't be happy.

Robert and Ueki are to fight to the death which Mori, Rinko, and Sano are behind an invisible line. Ueki opens the battle with Ressen but it was blocked by Robert's Fuudou. Tenko mentions that Robert is a Neo as well and that Ressen cannot be blocked by Fuudou. Robert has three reasons that Ueki can't beat him. The first reason is that Ueki is a 6-star Heavenly being while Robert is a 10-star Heavenly being. Robert won't use any Sacred Treasures that are 7-star or above. The second reason is that Ueki doesn't know the potential power of the Sacred Treasures when combined with his powers given by Kobasan. Ueki was afraid of Robert's tea cup when he dropped it which didn't spill any tea at all or break. Robert's power is to change his ideals into reality which leads to the third reason that he chose his Sacred Treasures to be the strongest. Robert fires the Kurogane at Ueki which he tries to block it with the Fuudou but the ball avoids the Fuudou and hits Ueki instead. Robert mentions that a level two Sacred Treasure is more powerful than anything less. Sacred Treasures can gain new levels and abilities. Robert uses Masshuu which chases Ueki as part of the ground while Ueki uses Raika to escape it. Robert's Masshuu will chase Ueki anywhere and always get its target. Its level two power is that it can change the gravity of anything it touches just like the first battle between them which red is heavy and blue is lighter. Ueki was eaten by Masshuu but he immediately comes back up from the ground. Robert wants to keep Ueki alive so his ideals of justice are just fake. Ueki refuses to run away from Robert as he wants to show Robert even though humans are weak, but they become strong when protecting someone which is Ueki's justice. Robert uses Kurogane again while Ueki uses Fuudou which blocks the shot but it goes around the Fuudou. Ueki manages to call out Ranma, Ressen, and Kurogane all at once as an attempt to get stronger. Roberts uses Fuudou to block Ranma and Ressen but got hit by the Kurogane. Ueki's level two is the ability to call out multiple Sacred Treasures at once. Robert fires the Kurogane again which Ueki uses multiple Sacred Treasures to protect him but he made the ball to penerate anything. Robert fires multiple shots while Ueki does the same thing again but this time, the balls made the treasures lighter and float away while another shot hits Ueki. Robert makes Ueki a choice that if he dies, he'll let the others go while if he surrenders that he would kill them. Roberts uses the Kurogane again while Ueki uses the multiple treasure trick but uses Masshuu as a decoy which he grab Robert from behind. Robert was about to kill Ueki when part of the roof was falling down on them. Ueki pushes Robert out of the way of the falling debris and get trapped under it himself.

Robert's hatred of humanity is a result of the betrayal of his friends and the Elder. At this point, I'm confused about what's Robert's true power is. Initially it was the ability to use bubbles to alter gravity but now, it's the ability to make his ideals into reality. Maybe the initial power is the part of his true power but I don't know. This battle is not going to be won by force since Robert's power is too great and even without the Sacred Treasures, it would be a tough battle anyway. The next episode will continue the battle with Robert with Rinko might be in the battle along with the return of Kobasen.


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