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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Law of Ueki 25

Ueki tries to get back up from the huge piece of the roof that landed on him but couldn't. Robert uses one of his gravity bubbles to lift the piece away from Ueki to prove a point as he drops it on himself. Robert uses his powers to stop the falling piece of roof so that he didn't owe anything to Ueki. Robert fires his version of Ressen at Ueki which he counters with own version of Ressen but Robert's goes through Ueki's. Ueki stops Robert's attack with Masshuu but Robert counters with Masshuu as well. Ueki fires the Kurogane at Robert who fires his own Kurogane at Ueki which destroys Ueki's shot and hits him. Robert fires multiple shots at Ueki which he couldn't dodge them all and fell to the ground. Robert points the Kurogane at Ueki at point blank range. Sano, Rinko, and Mori managed to escape the barrier due to Robert's Kurogane shots. Robert was about to fire the cannon at Ueki when Sano used his power to destroy the cannon. Sano and Rinko were standing in front of the fallen Ueki. They decided to protect Ueki even if they died during the battle. Mori tried to use her new power but she doesn't know what it is. Sano and Rinko made up a plan and Robert decides to fire the Kurogane at them. They were both followed by the Kurogane and got rid of them by ducking down next to each other. Then Robert used his gravity powers to make Rinko and Sano fall to their deaths. Rinko uses her Bead Cannon at Robert but it was a decoy for Sano's boomerang. Robert tries to make the boomerang float into the air but Sano turned it back into a towel which contain Rinko's beads. The beads explode near Robert while they managed to land back safety (except for Rinko who Sano couldn't catch her properly.) Robert managed to survive the bomb attack and told them that the Kurogane's power he used on them was only 50% compared to what he used on Ueki. Robert decides to use the full power of the Kurogane at Sano and Rinko.

They tried to use the same stragety but the shots were much faster than last time. Robert decides to attack Mori but Sano and Rinko were standing back up. Robert doesn't understand their willingness to die for Ueki but he decides to use Ressen against Rinko but she can't even move to dodge it. Ueki uses the power of Fuudou along with his body to stop Robert's Ressen attack. Robert thought Ueki couldn't move again but Ueki's desire to protect his friends gave him the power to move again. Ueki doesn't want to lose anymore friends after losing Kobasen and Inumaru. Robert and Ueki fight each other with Ressens but Robert's was the stronger one of the two. Robert still doesn't understand why Ueki isn't going down and continues with the Ressen attack. Ueki tries to counter it with his normal tree power but couldn't. Robert is afraid of Ueki's ability to keep coming and coming and uses Ressen again. Ueki uses his tree to wrap around the Ressen so he could use his own Ressen power on Robert from above. They thought that Ueki won the battle until Robert manages to get back up. He was about to call forth his ultimate power when Kobasen suddenly makes an appearance. Robert asks why Kobasen is here even though he's supposed to be in prison. Kobasen tells them that as a representative of God that the first round of the Power User battle is over and there's a rest period before the next round starts.

Well, this ends the second battle between Robert and Ueki with Ueki needs to do some major catching up if he wants to beat Robert. The second round of battles will be interesting as Mori will take a part in it as along with Robert's rival, Anon will appear. Well at least, the reddish tint will be gone now and see something that's not cover in red.


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