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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Shuffle 10

The episode begins with Rin and Sia confessing their feelings on a sunset beach and suddenly it stops with a movie film type effect. Then Midoriba, Mayumi, Kaede, and Nerine congraduated them for their marriage. It ended up to be Sia's dream. Sia's father is happy about the recent developments and begins to plan for their wedding. Sia and Rin met by the fountain and have a day together. Sia's father is using Primula to practice his speech for Sia which Kaede overheards it. Then he takes Primula out to eat while planning the wedding which Kahera and Asa heards. Sia and Rin visits a pet store while Primula tries on wedding dresses and kimonos with Sia's father. The people began to stare at Rin and Sia as rumors begin to spread about their upcoming marriage. Rin and Sia headed to arcade to play the claw game and see guys staring at them. At Nerine's home, her father is playing Shogi and Chess by himself while Nerine sits alone looking at the sunset. More people begin to say about the marriage rumors to them until Mayumi talks to them. She asks why they hide such a big story from her but they don't know what they were talking about. Midoriba comes by and tells them that they are getting married. Then the three defense forces fight each other while Rin and the others escaped from their wrath. Rin tells them that the marriage rumor is fake. Kaede and Rin have dinner without talking about the marriage rumor. Later in the night, Asa calls if she could talked Kaede but she was in the bath. Sia is thinking that she would have Kaede, Rin, and Nerine lived in the same house.

The next day, Rin meets with Nerine with people staring at them. They decided to go out with a walk. Kaede was hanging laundry when Sia stopped by. Sia was going shopping and was wondering if Kaede wanted anything, but she didn't. Now it begins to rain while Asa's mom and Sia meet in the market. Nerine and Rin ended up spending the day together and she was happy that she could finally be alone with Rin. Rin begins to think about how Nerine felt when he was spending time with Sia. Sia sees them at the swingset which Nerine confessed to Rin. Sia sits in her room thinking about what happened just now. Her father comes into the room with a wedding dress which makes Sia do something unpleasant to her dad. Rin and Sia meet at the school during the night. Sia wants to prove that she will be the best bride for him but only thinks of herself right now. She wants to allow Rin to get her to know her more. They look out the window at the end of the episode.

It seems that Nerine and Sia have confess their feelings to Rin which he has no clue what to do now. Leave it to Sia's father to start rumors about marriage and going overboard as usual. Well at least they finally moving with the story a little bit. The next episode will have Mayumi working at a cafe and a new girl in glasses shows up.


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