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Friday, September 02, 2005

Shuffle 8

It's finally summer vacation and Rin gets an unexpected wake up call from Sia as she wants to go on a date. Sia looks at a fortune telling magazine which her sign of the Leo tells her that the summer is the best time to improve your love life as spending time with your loved one will increase your luck. She reads more of the magazine back at home which she decides to go on a date with Rin. Sia spents some time to pick out her victory panties before her dad comes into her room with a letter. The letter contains two tickets for classical music and dinner at a hotel. The next day, Sia and Rin go out together on a date. Sia's father and Nerine's father played various games while discussing their daughters' approaches to capturing Rin's heart. Sia and Rin first go to a karaoke box but they encountered Mayumi (who has a bad singing voice and causes the place to shake). She notices that Sia and Rin are together and decides to take pictures of them which they leave the karaoke box to avoid her. The next place they go to is an outdoor clothing store. Sia wanted to buy a pink cat shirt for her and Rin to wear but Midoriba and Nerine were at the store as well. Midoriba questions Rin about the pair look while Nerine want to buy the same shirt for a triple look.

Sia and Rin go to the arcade next to take sticker pictures of themselves but Primula and Kaede were at the arcade as well. They leave the arcade without taking pictures and went to a restaurant to get something to drink. Sia came here so she and Rin could drink the Love Love Tropical Juice which every couple is drinking there. They meet Kahera which she works as a waitress and got all sparkly as usual when comes to romance. During her romance world, a kid pulls up her skirt to reveal her underwear to Rin. Sia asks Rin about if he likes Kahera's type of panties which he said yes and made Sia happy. They decided to go another town to get away from everyone. While on the train, they talked about Sia's experience on the train eight years ago. Asa was also on the train but she decided not to talk to them. Sia tried to find a place to eat but either the line was too long, closed, or not there anymore. On the way to the final place of their date, they encountered a child alone in the park. They played with him until his mother came to pick him up. On the train ride back, Rin reads Sia's notebook about her plan to become a bride. Rin takes Sia to the school during the night and gives her notebook back. Their relationship took a step forward that night.

This episode shows Sia and Rin's first date which doesn't go according to plan due to the interference of their friends along with other things. They managed to have a romantic moment under the moon. I couldn't believe that there was a dating sim game at the arcade. That's just a little bit creepy to me. I think Mayumi said it best, "Sia is leading the pack right now". The next episode is the beach episode. Nuff said.


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