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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Shuffle 9

Sia and Nerine's fathers are having fun chasing each other while everyone is embarrassed by them on the beach. Kaede, Asa, and Kareha get nice reactions from the guys on the beach when Mayumi show off her bikini, she didn't get a nice reaction. Sia shows her bikini and everyone likes it. Asa is concerned about Primula's swimsuit which is a school swimsuit. Nerine shows up in a school swimsuit as well due to her father's suggestion. The swimsuit was a part of plan to get Rin to pay attention to Nerine more. Mayumi starts to say that the chest shouldn't be a girl's worth is decided on but Midoriba counters with that she should at least have a bigger chest than Primula's. Nerine decided to change into another swimsuit so Rin could see it. Sia and Rin have a water fight. Mayumi, Kaede, Kahera, and Asa are playing volleyball. Midoriba is checking out the girls and trying to get some. Primula is making a sand castle but it gets washed away by the sand. Nerine joins with Sia and Rin in the water but they soon get washed by a wave. After the wave passed by, Nerine was embracing Rin since she can't swim and there aren't any waves in the Demon World. Rin decides to teach Nerine how to swim and Sia tries to get Rin to play with her but doesn't work. After getting some food, Mayumi, Kareha, and Kaede passed by a beach restaurant which Kareha is attracted by the waitress's uniform. Midoriba finds a woman lying on a towel only to be revealed as his teacher which she doesn't recognized him. Primula makes a better sandcastle only again to be washed away by the tide. Asa is on a raft which a wave makes her go into the water and she loses her top. Sia is getting bored with Rin teaching Nerine how to swim and decides to take away the kickboard and funnel tube so Nerine could actually learn how to swim. Rin is floating in the water and Asa puts her breasts on Rin's back. After a little fun for Asa, Rin decides to take her to the changing room which Sia sees them. Sia and Nerine confronted Asa and Rin in the changing room about Rin's intentions. Asa explains Rin's intentions were good before collasping due to the sun.

The group has a nice lunch with Kahera serving the food. Asa manages to recover from her sunstroke. Sia and Rin lay on a raft on the beach and they wanted to swim after resting for a little bit. Rin wakes up to find him and Sia are drifting in the water. They head towards an island before they become sunburnt. They tried to find the others on the island but with no success and begin to explore the island for people. They walked in tall grass with Sia hurting her ankle. Rin carries Sia on his back during the night and arrive at a small pond. While healing her ankle, Sia embraces Rin when a wild animal comes close to them. They run away from the animal and ended up tripping over a root and run to the beach after seeing light. They found no one on the beach and begin to talk about setting up a life on the island but Primula walks behind them getting shells. They were about to kiss when the others interrupt them which they discovered that they on a different part of the island that everyone else was on. Primula's third sand castle was washed away by the tide once again.

Sia and Rin's relationship has taken another step as a pseudo-deserted island experience further their romance. At this point, Sia is definitely above the other girls for Rin's affection. The next episode will continue the battle of Rin's affection with a confession in the moonlit.


  • At 8:46 AM, Anonymous Chris said…

    Asa is definitely my favourite character since the first episode. Showing her bare breast was nice but not really necessary. They added a parental advisory warning just because of these 5 frames in which you can see her tits bouncing out of the water. Maybe that was just a joke? I almost expected an orgy or at least a melanche a troi due to the warning but actually I'm happy that Shuffle! is actually not horribly ecchi and I'm not a fan of (sexual) fan-service especially if it's very blunt. If I want pr0n I know where to find it.


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