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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sousei no Aquarion 14-15

Silvia just awoken up from dreaming of Apollo's memories of Baron and talks to Sophia about it. She recalls the various memories of Apollo that had Baron involved. Toma apologizes to Johannes for his failure to get the feather from the last episode. Moroha asks Toma why he has the wings of Apollonius on his helmet. He tells him that it's a symbol of his foolishness and betrayal. Lensi tells Johannes that the Wings of the Sun still has a long way to go compared to what it was 12,000 years ago. Silvia continues tells Sophia about her dream of Toma now. Apollo is searching for something in the forest. Sophia tells Silvia that her strong feelings for Apollo came into her which gross her out. Silvia then sees a picture of an eagle which scare her for a second and Sophia thinks that Apollo remembered his past life. She knows that they touched the feather back then and tells her that Apollo's memory can't be trusted since his mind could created a false memory based on the Book of Holy Genesis. Also, they could have read the context of the feather which Apollo read from Silvia's mind and interpert as his own. Another theory that Sophia proposes that everytime they merge that their bodies and minds become one which they share their memories and emotions.

An invisible Kelbium soldier attacks the combination of Lihua, Jun, and Pierre with beginning the battle in Luna Aquarion. She thought she found it and shot an arrow at it but it uses the body-switching technique that ninjas do. They reform it into Mars Aquarion with Jun as the head so they could find it with Jun's ability. He makes to find it but he's too slow to react. Everyone in the command center thinks that Jun sucks but the commander stands up for him. Apollo manages to find the headband of Baron in a tree and returns to the command center. Apollo is talking as Apollonius which the commander orders a full change with Apollo, Silvia, and Sirrus. They merged into Solar Aquarion and the memories of Apollo and Apollonius are merged together. Silvia is having a crisis of the mind which allows the enemy to make Apollo disappear along with the Sol Vector. The disappearing act was caused by Toma with using a veil of invisibity. Silvia looks for Apollo in the empty Sol Vector and touches Baron's headband. She starts to go nuts over it and even hits Sirrus who was trying to calm her down. She realizes that she doesn't know her true feelings which are that she likes Apollo. Silvia manages to make Apollo reappear along with the Sol Vector. They punched their own shadow which the Kelbim was hiding in it and forms the Light Shadow Combo Strike attack.

The next episode has Jun explaining to Apollo about the character hito which means two people supporting each other. Pierre comes into the room asking Tsugumi if she wants to go to El Sueno's live show together but then sees Sophia and asks her if she wanted to go. She instead gives him a letter from back home. The letter was from his sister telling him that the family is doing ok and that Lopez is getting marry to Esperanza who Pierre once loved. Pierre easily defeats a Kelbim in Aquarion Mars and wants to fight even more. He was tired afterwords and while sitting in the cafeteria, he kept putting a cup and a bowl together back and forth. Apollo sneaks up from behind and whacks Pierre in the head to cheer up him which he leaves afterwords. While in the shower, Pierre says that he wants to do it with someone. During class, he keeps putting his pen and cap together while looking at every girl in the room. Sophia asks Pierre what's the union according to some formula which his answer was "Yes! I wanna do it!" and everyone laughs at him. He was sitting alone putting the cup and bowl which Chloe was reading some books and thought Pierre saw her panties while sitting down who throws a book at him. Jun and Tsugumi wonders what's wrong with Pierre which Rena replies that he's broken as a man. During a simulation, he recalls his time with Esperanza while during union which causes his mind to break. Sophia tells Jun, Lihua, and Apollo that Pierre is suffering from union dependence which he needs to unite in order to survive. If he unites one more time, his mind will break. Pierre is imprisioned while a Kelbim attacks his home city of San Jose. The Kelbim attack causes Esperanza's legs to be stuck under a truck. Apollo, Jun, and Silvia unite to form Solar Aquarion to fight two Kelbim soliders. They attack one of them and thought they killed it only to have it revive. Jun determines that the other one was the real host and they attack it with Infinity Punch but only to find out the weak point shifted back to the other one. The Kelbim soldiers are called Kumbha and Nikumbha who known as undying immortals.

Silvia was injured during the battle and Tsugumi switched with her. The vice commander is angry at Pierre's inability to fight at this time. Pierre wants to fight but can't as Tsugumi and Jun are switched with Chloe and Lihua. They tried to fight the enemy as Luna Aquarion but unable to beat them. The commander comes to Pierre's cell to show him the hito character and rips it into two. He tells Pierre that when he's about to fall, there's something you must do before you can get help. Sirrus switches with Lihua and tries to beat it with an arrow but it counterattacks which Chloe is injured by it. The vice commander wanted to switch again but none of the regulars are left and asks for the second group. A sacred kid was about to switch when Pierre comes in and switches with Chloe. They united into Mars Aquarion with Pierre as the head and feel a burning passion during the union. He kicks one of the Kelbim soliders into orbit before destroying it. Mars falls down to Earth near Pierre's family and ex-girlfriend. The vice commander asks Sirrus and Apollo to cancel the union but they refused to do so. He tries to cancel the union but unable to. The commander tells them that before standing up, you must fall all the way. Pierre is wishing for support somewhere in his heart. The commander transforming the hito character into dai by adding a hortizonal slash across it. The combination of both dai and hito becomes otoha which represents the growth into adulthood. Pierre manages to recover and lifts the truck to free Esperanza. The Kelbim soldiers returned but they were quickly defeated by the new Broken Heart Fast Attack. Esperanza realizes that Pierre was in Aquarion and he wishes for her to be happy. Sophia will montior the Elements' mental health more closely in the future to prevent the dependence but she may have to work on Jun since he was putting the bowl and cup together.

After the great previous two episodes, it goes back to the monster of the week format with Silvia and Pierre getting some character development. I was hoping that they would continue with the plot a little bit more but oh well. At least I was happy that I was able to watch some Aquarion after two months without it. The next episode might involve Rena, Tsugumi, and probably Jun with his emergence of the union dependence disease.


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