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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Speed Grapher 18-19

Tennouzu group begins its marketing campaign to spread the drop of the Goddess with using Kagura's image as the poster child. Suitengu's goons are enjoying their new lives with women and booze. Tsujidou tells Suitengu about the recent wherabouts of Saiga and Kagura. Kagura awaits for Saiga on a dock while he was coming back for crab fishing. They planned to set out to an island on a boat that they managed from a local fisherman. During the night, two ships managed to capture them and lock them up. The next morning, they go to the mainland and see Ryougoku get out of a car. He tells them to get into the car and that they going to Tokyo. While heading to Tokyo, Ryougoku tells them that he got a message from Nishiya to direct Saiga to a member of the Diet, Ochiai Seiji. Seiji was a former member of the media and not part of the ruling party. Suitengu has power over the judiciary and the police which Seiji will protect them. The car got stopped at a checkpoint but once the police officer looked at the license plate, he allowed it to move on. The car is owned by the country of Rikadonia which doesn't follow Japan's laws. Rikadonia is a small country that has many natural resources which allows them to stand up to the bigger powers. They heading towards Rikadonia's embassy to stay over but they going to meet with Seiji before that. They meet with Seiji while sparring with someone.

Seiji wants Saiga to spar with him for a round which he accepts. During sparring, Seiji tells Saiga that Suitengu is being backed up by Prime Minister Kamiya. He wants to remove Kamiya from office by exposing the connection between him and Suitengu. They cemented the agreement with both of them hitting each other at the same time in the head. They arrived at the embassy and get escorted to their rooms. Kagura visits Saiga's room and wants to sleep in his room since she can't sleep without him. Saiga decides to go sleep in Kagura's room and has a flashback of a more personal meeting with Seiji. Seiji tells him that Suitengu has all three branches of the government and plans to reveal the club in the nest meeting of the Diet. He tells them about the Circle of White Eagles which the members are made up of joournalists, Diet members from the other party, and critics who want to reveal Kamiya's actions. In order for the media to move, Seiji needs testimonies from Saiga and Kagura and want to show off their powers. Saiga didn't mind making things public but didn't want Kagura to be a circus freak for everyone to stared at. Seiji will promise to take them out of the country once they do their parts. Ryougoku examines Kagura the next day and even though she's fatigued, she will be fine. Nishiya wants to study Kagura as soon as possible and wants Saiga to go to the Diet. Ryougoku takes Nishiya outside of the room to tell him that Saiga isn't planning to testify. Nishiya is more interested of studying Kagura than anything else and decides to tell her that she has only a few months to live along with Saiga will go blind.

The next episode has Saiga watching a guy getting slap by a girl and then makes a phone call. Seiji is listening and conducting to some classical music when Saiga called him to tell him that he will testify. Saiga wants Seiji to send Kagura out of the country along with Ryougoku and the other doctors so she can get treatment. Seiji will have Saiga to meet with the Circle of White Eagles tomorrow. Meanwhile, Ginza and her partner investigate a hit and run murder. He mentions that they have been a lot of impulse crimes lately which the criminals are normal people instead of the crazy people. Ginza decides to slack off work and get a drink instead since she has so much money from Tennouzu stocks. She wonders where Saiga is while looking at a billboard of Kagura and smashes a Kagura keychain. Kagura tells Saiga that she's going to testify at the Diet which he was not happy with. He tells her that he's going to testify alone since it would bring attention to Suitengu if the both of them went together. Kagura said that she wants to be with Saiga forever which he promised her but he lied. She slaps him for saying that and tells him that Nishyia told her the truth. She wants to be with him with her remaining time that she has left. Saiga decides to go outside and meets up the man who got slapped earlier but he was drunk. They decided to go to a bar and drink. The guy introduces himself as Joe while Saiga introduces himself as a loser. Joe says that Japan is at war which people kill with rolls of cash instead of cannons and wants to stop the war. He asks Saiga what he's gonna to do which he said that he doesn't care about the country. Joe says that Saiga wouldn't run away and that he's probably heading to a battlefield right now but doesn't why he doesn't it. Saiga said that maybe he does it for a woman. His encounter with Joe wanted him to take a picture for the first time in a while.

The next day, Saiga decides to have Kagura to testify at the Diet after all but he's going first so they won't stand out. In actually, Saiga lies to Kagura for the last time. Ginza meets with Saiga's former editor to get information on Saiga's wherabouts but he doesn't know where he is. The editor takes a taxi while Ginza follows him. He makes a call to Saiga to tell him that he can't meet with him and to go on without him. Saiga asks him about Joe which he tells him that his name is Jouji Kitazawa. He's a talented non-fiction writer and acts like Saiga of the past. Saiga meets with the Circle of the White Eagles. Kagura finds out that Ryougoku is taking her to the airport but they get surrounded by cars. Saiga asks if Joe's here yet to a member which she replied with that there's a mole within the organization. Joe soon arrives and gives Saiga the list of members of the club which Seiji is a member of. Seiji begins to emit high frequency waves which begins to cause people pain and reveals his true form. Everyone except for Saiga begin to bleed out from their ears and eyes which they eventually died. Ginza encounters the editor outside of the building where Saiga and the White Eagles are at. Seiji tells Saiga that Kagura is in trouble before he tries to kill to Saiga.

These two episodes significally slowed down the pace of the story and action. Saiga and Kagura hoped that they could bring Suitengu's crimes to the public but their best intentions failed as their so called ally betrayed them. Kagura is now mostly mad at Saiga for lying to her along with leaving her so he could protect and/or die for her. The next episode will have Saiga battling Seiji with his power of sound. There probably some advancement of the Kagura and Ginza's side stories.


  • At 4:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The subbers took a long break before releasing these episodes and actually I didn't really miss it. I haven't watch episode 19 yet - only 18 - but I must admit that 18 was horribly boring and I was really happy when I finally heard the ending song. After all the show is pretty disappointing in my opinion.


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