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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Suzuka 10

Yamato arrives at Suzuka's house in Yokohama which she's rather rich. He encounters Suzuka's older sister outside of the fence. After he tells her about why he's here, she decides to take him to where Suzuka and Kazuki are. They arrived at a graveyard where Suzuka is praying at Kazuki's family grave. Kazuki died two years ago in an accident when a truck crashed into him while going to a meet. Suzuka's sister tells Yamato about Kazuki and how he was called the Rocket Starter which Yamato looks like him. Suzuka spents most of her free time praying at the grave. Yamato decides to head back home and telling Suzuka's sister to not tell Suzuka that Yamato was here. Suzuka's sister talks to Suzaku and asks her to stop coming here and move on. Yamato has a depressing train ride back and thinks that he was a replacement for Kazuki to Suzuka. Miho asks Yamato to come to dinner but he decides to go to his room. Yamato starts skipping track practice while Suzuka begins to remember her days with Kazuki. Back then, Kazuki and Suzuka didn't like each other and argue all the time. Suzuka has a problem of not passing beyond the Prefectural and Kazuki believes that she chokes under pressure.

Suzuka and Kazuki were arguing about how practice should be serious or fun and eventually start to argue about other things. Suzuka thinks that Kazuki was irresponible like spending too much money on starting blocks. She hated how Kazuki managed to get into the Nationals so carefree while she could not. Then during a summer meet over Suzuka's second year in junior high, Kazuki gave her some words of encouragement even though she thought he was stupid for doing so. It was at this meet that the famous picture was taken but before the picture was taken, they were arguing once again. At Kazuki's last day of practice, he tells Suzuka that he had a crush on her and she felt the same way. She couldn't him an answer back then but she never got a chance to answer back since he died the next day. The team is worried about Yamato's recent absence in practice and sent Mika to fetch him. She talks to him which he told her it was meaningless. Yamato decides to leave the room and not saying anything. That night, Yamato was laying in his room when Suzuka stop by. She asked what's his problem is which he said that she wanted him to quit. She tells him about how annoy she is with him and Yamato counters back with that he's not Kazuki. He gets slapped Suzuka for mentioning the idea of comparing him with some dead guy. She goes back to her room afterwords while Yamato wonders why he got slapped. Yamato decides not to show up for the meet and lays in his room.

Well, the mystery of Kazuki has been revealed with him being dead. It now seems that she doesn't want to forget about Kazuki and having Yamato being there ruins that idea. It's quite scary how Yamato and Kazuki are so alike right down to their personalities. Now we got Suzuka who refuses to let go of the past and just hurting herself by not letting go and moving on. Meanwhile, Yamato feels that he's just a replacement for the great Kazuki. Knowing that you're just second-best and she decides to go out with you because you remind her of her first-choice makes you feel like crap. Instead of facing his problems, Yamato decides to run away from them. Even Suzuka tries to convince him to continue to do track but her intentions were destroyed when he disrespected Kazuki. The next episode seems to have Yamato got his groove back for track with probably on the advice of Hattori. Yamato faces off with an ace sprinter from another school as well.


  • At 1:38 AM, Blogger Mentar said…

    Hmmm... what could Yamato do to "face" his problems? There's very little he could positively do from my perspective - and confronting Suzuka is about the only thing which comes to my mind. He did that, though maybe a bit harsher than he should have. But actually, he needs an outlet for his bitterness. If I was in his shoes, I'd be really angry too...

  • At 1:57 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Well, he could have Hattori or Miki to be some type of arbitor between him and Suzuka. Yamato is one who doesn't think what he says first and just lets his emotions fly out in the open. There's not much positive aspect of facing the problems but it's better than doing nothing and being destroyed on the inside.


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