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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Suzuka 11

Yamato and Hattori are walking in the city on a Sunday when Yamato is supposed to be at the track meet. Suzuka was thinking about last night when she heard about the commotion for Emerson Arima, who's the number one sprinter in high school but couldn't beat Kazuki back in the day. Miyomoto hopes that Yamato could beat Arima but Suzuka got mad when Yamato's name came up. She even goes saying that Arima would be on a lower level than compared with Kazuki. Hattori manages to take Yamato to the track meet after all on purpose and drags him inside. They see Suzuka sitting back on tree when Arima talks to her. He brings up her relationship with Kazuki and how he was mad about the lower level comparsion. He continues to insult Kazuki to her and saying that he was dead. At one point, a bunch of Arima's teammates gang up on Suzuka and demanding her to apologize Arima. Yamato was about to walk away when he notices Suzuka's crying and stands up for her. He tells Arima that he's faster than him and Kazuki. Suzuka starts nagging him for doing saying that without thinking first but Yamato says that it will all work out in the end.

Sakurai helps Yamato to stretch before the race while Miki tells him about Arima's abilities and accomplishments who ran the 100 m in 10.46 seconds. Hattori talks to Suzuka and mentions how Yamato managed to divert Arima's anger to him. The premins for the 100 m are about to begin with Yamato and Arima in the first heat. Hattori, Suzuka, and the others watched the race from the stands. The race begins with Arima in the lead with Yamato not far behind. Yamato tries to catch up but couldn't until Suzuka yells out, "What are you doing, you idiot!?" Somehow, that remark by Suzuka manages to get Yamato side by side to Arima. Even though Yamato's desire not to lose was strong, his body suddenly collasped on the track due to the lack of exercise in the last three days. After encountering Arima, he says "Remember this, idiot" before running away afterwards. Yamato is sitting behind a tree with his knees all right when Suzuka came to him with a first-aid kit. She treats his knees while they talked about cidados. Suzuka put one too many band-aids on his knee and mentions that the lack of practice made him lose the race. She also tells him that he would better come to practice but Yamato was planning to come anyway.

So it seems that Suzuka and Yamato's relationship went from very bad to somewhat good again during the meet. Yamato has a rival in track with Arima which he has a past with Kazuki back in the day. I was right with Hattori being the one helping Yamato to come back to track and managed to start getting back on the right foot with Suzuka. The next episode will get interesting as they go to a water park/beach with Sakurai going to confess to Yamato and has a confrontation with Suzuka about him. The Sakurai factor will be very interesting in the Suzuka and Yamato's relationship.


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