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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Suzuka 12

Yamato tries to make small talk to Suzuka on her way to school but she ignores him. During class, he thinks about how things won't be the same between him and Suzuka while Sakurai tries to figure out if Suzuka likes Yamato or not. After practice, she focuses on Yamato while ignoring a teammate. She asks Yamato if he wants to go home with her but the captain makes him to 20 dashes after practice for a week for missing practice. Sakurai wanted to go home with him so she can be alone with Yamato. He figures that Suzuka would ignore him now while Sakurai waits for Yamato. After finishing the dashes, he sees Suzuka leaving and saids that she's a high-jumping idiot but didn't realize that she was near him. She helps him to stretch out properly and tells him to reduce the amount of strength in his starts which causes his body to tilt forward too much. Yamato is happy that Suzuka cares about him and likes his current state with her but Sakurai shows up suddenly. She tries to downplay what she saw but still felt uneasy. The track team has a day off on Sunday and while in his room, Yamato answers his door to see the newspaper woman trying to sell cable. She tells him that if he signs up for cable that he would get free tickets to the pool in the amusement park. Yamato refuses the offer since he remembers last time but she gives him the tickets anyway. Yamato talks to Hattori about asking Suzuka going to the pool with him. Hattori tells him that it's a bad idea like it will end up like the amusement park. During practice, Sakurai tries to convince Yamato to go to the pool with her but her attempt manages to pull in Miki, the person she ignored the other day, and Suzuka who surprised Yamato by going with them to the pool.

The next day, they arrived at the pool with Yamato staring at the girls in their bikinis. Sakurai flashes back to when she met with the woman which she gives Sakurai the tickets and tells her to wear a sexy bikini. Sakurai will try to seduce Yamato while he tries to improve his relationship with Suzuka but things don't go exactly as planned. Miki takes Suzuka to the water slide while the other guy takes Sakurai to the wave pool. Yamato stays behind to wait for Suzuka to finish but he awaits at least an hour while Sakurai tries to use her breasts to seduce him but the other guy named Kobayakawa takes her to the water slide. Yamato asks Suzuka if she wanted to go with him to buy some juice but Miki interferes and has Yamato to go by himself so they could go to the wave pool. At the end of the day, Sakurai and Yamato's attempts to improve themselves in front of their lovers failed. Yamato falls down because of his shoe but the others didn't notice except for Suzuka. Yamato ask why Suzuka came today but didn't get an answer since the fireworks suddenly appeared. Sakurai notices Suzuka and Yamato are next to each other watching the fireworks. Suzuka tries to get away from Yamato but he grabs her hand and before anything could happen, the others met up with them. Sakurai is sadden by the scene. Suzuka talks to her older sister about today which she mentions that Suzuka has found someone she likes but Suzuka refuses to admit it. The next day, Suzuka and Sakurai walked home together on Sakurai's request. Sakurai talks about how Suzuka is close to Yamato and are happy when talking to each other but Suzuka said that she complains to him and never be close to him. Sakurai asks Suzuka if it's ok that she confesses to Yamato as she loves him and knew him before she did. Suzuka asks why she's telling her this which she said that she feels that Suzuka likes Yamato. Suzuka says that she doesn't like Yamato which he hears this. Sakurai runs away after seeing Yamato. Suzuka tries to apologize but Yamato tells her that he knows that she doesn't like him. Suzuka was kind of sad when she heard him say that.

It looks like that Sakurai is playing the spoiler between Yamato and Suzuka. She gets Suzuka to begin to realize that she likes Yamato but her personality refuses to allow her to admit it to him. The newspaper/cablewoman seems to be around to hand tickets to the amusment park when the track team has a day off. How weird is that? She might be around episode 18 as she appear in episode 6 and this episode. The next episode will be great as Sakurai will make her move on Yamato and it will be interesting to see how she will affect Suzuka and Yamato.


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