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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Suzuka 9

Yamato waits for Suzuka to come out her room to meet up her in a stalker-like way. He want her to walk with him to school but she refused to do so. Today is the selection day for the metropolitan meet in two weeks. The team was timing various members in the 100 meter dash to see who would go to the meet. Miyamoto tells Yamato that he has the skills to surpass everyone here but Yamato doesn't believe that he has the skills. Yamato manages to outrun the person who he was running next to you. Suzuka gets a flashback of a past teammate that looks like Yamato. Yamato managed to get a time of 10.98 seconds which is really good in high school but he runs into the hurdles afterwards. The captain was talking to Miyamoto about how Yamato resembles that guy. Yamato meets up with Suzuka and tells her how he got a great time and entered into the meet but she gave an indifferent reaction to him. She tried to walk away but Yamato grabbed her and ask her why she doesn't like him. She tells him that she despises him.

Yamato talks to Hattori about Suzuka telling him that she despised him. Hattori tells him that at least he isn't in the middle ground anymore. Miki joins them for lunch which Hattori tells her that Suzuka despises him. Hattori wants Yamato to quit the team now since Suzuka hates him. Miki tries to defend him but Hattori tells her that he joined to get closer to Suzuka. She counters back with that Suzuka hates people who quit midway. They started to argue to each other about their cleaniness habits. Yamato decides to stay in track a little bit more. Sakurai comes to the table and gets drag into Hattori and Miki's argument about cleaniness. Yamato decides to train himself even more and has an effect on the others in the team. Miyomoto talks to Suzuka about how Yamato reminds him of Tsuda Kazuki. She gives him no answer and decides to train for a little bit more but she can't jump above 165 cm. Miki asks what's wrong with Suzuka but she denies the fact that Yamato is the problem. Suzuka denies the fact that Yamato is nothing like Kazuki while she was in bed. The team gets a day off from practice and Yamato tries to decide to something with Suzuka on their day off. He sees Suzuka and Miyomoto talking to each other. She tells him that she's going back home to Yokohama to see Kazuki. Yamato tries to figure who Kazuki is to Suzuka while in his room. The next morning, he looked terrible because he couldn't sleep last night. He asks where Suzuka was which Ayano said that she went back home. Yamato lays in his room which Gorou escaped from his room and went to Suzuka's balcony. He sees the picture of Kazuki through her window. Miho gives Yamato a piece of paper which is probably a note that Suzuka left for them. Yamato begins to chase after Suzuka who is currently a train.

Suzuka tells Yamato that she hates him but was not willing to go into more detail why. The mysterious guy from the picture finally has a name which is Kazuki who went to the same junior high that Suzuka and Miyomoto did. She's not willing to accept that Yamato could be like Kazuki. Yamato continues to try to get Suzuka but the action at the end of the episode is not a good one to take. The question is now why did Suzuka leave Kazuki even though she didn't want to leave Yokohama. I think Yamato needs to talk Miyomoto about Suzuka's relationship to Kazuki and what happened in the past because asking her about it is not a good idea. This seems to be the key to understanding Suzuka's heart. The next episode seems to have Yamato quitting the track team probably because of Kazuki.


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