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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Trinity Blood 12

Catherina was speaking to her brother which he mentioned about an assassination plot against her by the Vampires from the Empire. Suddenly, a fireball hits the manor that Catherina was staying and an envoy from the Empire appears in her room. Before the envoy and Catherina could talk more, Tres busts into the room with guns blazing and shooting at the envoy. The envoy said that the Terrans can't be trusted before leaving the room. Afterwards, Sister Esther appears in the room and checking if Catherina was ok. The envoy's name is Ion and meets with his aide, Ratu. Ion tells Ratu about how the Terrans didn't listen to him along with being hit by a silver bullet. Ratu removes the silver bullet from Ion's left shoulder and sucks the poison out of him. Catherina congraduates Abel for his role in Venice and says that they managed to open a line of communication to the Empire. Abel talks to Esther about the Empire's dummy enterprises in Carthago which one of them contains Ion. He tells Esther to wait while he investigates the companies but Esther wants to go with him and Abel still says no. The Inquisition is coming to Carthago in three airships. Ion's recovery is going well in a safehouse and Ratu wants to go back to the Empire but Ion tells him that they cannot ignore the Empress's order. Ratu tells Ion that they are fringe elements within the Empire that probably started the fire and timed it when he met with Catherina. The two main commanders of the Inquisition, Brother Petros and Sister Paula, meet with Catherina to protect her under the request of her brother. Petros and Paula's nicknames are the Knight of Destruction and the Lady of Death. They are already heading for Ion's hideout. Esther meets with Ion with a gun in her hand.

After a brief pause between Esther and Ion, Ion attacks Esther but he couldn't beat her with her injury. Luckily, Ratu puts a knife to Esther's neck and Ion wants to break contact with the Terrans but Abel manages to save Esther. Then he slaps her for disobeying his order and acting on her own. Abel says to Ion and Ratu that he was sent by Catherina to ensure their safety while escorting them to her. While Abel tries to patch things up with them, the Inquisition shows up with their tanks. They cannot escape outside since Ion and Ratu would burn to death by the sun. Ion initially refuses to escape with the Terrans but Ratu convinces him to trust them. Abel will hold off the Inquisition while Esther will take Ion and Ratu to Catherina through the underground creek. Abel meets with the Inquisitoon outside and begins to fight with a few of the soldiers before Petros decides to fight with him. Petros begins to attack Abel with his drill spear but Abel just avoids his attacks without counterattacking. Esther wonders if Abel is ok while escaping underground with Ion and Raul. While avoiding Petros's attacks, Abel took a misstep on the railing and falls into the water with a huge boulder falling on him.

This episode introduces Ion and Raul along with the Inquisition. It seems to me that the Rosenkruez could be behind the attack at the manor so they could get the Empire and the Vactian go to war with each other. Abel is probably not dead and will come back to save Esther from the Inquisition or the Rosenkruez. The next episode title of the Ibelis arc is Betrayal Blaze.


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