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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 16

A powerful spirit shoots a beam of light at a girl named Sharume in a ruined temple. A marking appears on her forehead which where the beam of light hit her. Meanwhile, a couple of guys with wooden swords and masks are about to fight each other when Syaoran and the others appear suddenly between them. Mokona notices that a feather could be nearby in a chest. Fai speaks to the chairman of the event which he tells them that it's a tournament to determine the strongest warrior of the country which a sacred treasure is the prize. Kurogane, Fai, and Syaoran decided to enter the tournament but they are up against the power of Zora's Thunder which is a power that the men of this dimension are born with. Sakura and Mokona head away from the stadium for their protection by Syaoran's request. They headed for a hut in the middle of a forest. Kurogane easily defeats his opponent even when hit by the power of Zora's Thunder. Sakura and Mokona finds the hut to be occupied by Kiifa and Sharume from the beginning of the episode. Fai easily defeats his opponent by appearing behind him. Sakura talks to them which she finds out they are here for the tournament but encountered a pack of wolves on their way there. Kiifa was seriously injured by them and still wants to fight in the tournament. Syaoran managed to defeat his opponent as well. Sakura talks to Sharume outside as she mentioned that Kiifa has been training for a year for the tournament. Fai and Kurogane fight each other in another round but Fai just avoids Kurogane's attacks which both of them go out of bounds.

Syaoran tells Kurogane that the match is over since both of them went out of bounds. Kurogane decides to put the helemt that the locals wear on Fai's head for his loss. Sharume doesn't feel well suddenly she was hanging laundry outside. Syaoran is one round away to getting the possible feather. Kiifa decides to head for the tournament in order to save Sharume's life. A year ago, she entered a foribidden temple which she received a curse from the spirit which drains her life away. She entered the place since she heard of a rumor that any desire could be granted there. Kiifa who came moments after she was shot by the beam was told by the spirit that the only way to lift the curse is to win the sacred treasure in the tournament. Syaoran wins the tournament and the treasure was revealed to be a brooch not a feather. Kiifa shows up at the stadium asks for Syaoran to hand him the treasure and attacks him with his own version of Zora's thunder. After they battle each other, Syaoran decides to give the treasure to Kiifa since he has no use for it. Sharume tells Sakura that Syaoran has a very strong heart. Kiifa uses the treasure to remove Sharume's curse from her. Syaoran tells them that the sacred treasure was used as a prayer device by anicent priests. Kiifa asks Sharume why she entered the ruins which she replied that she wanted to win somebody's love.

This episode was an anime original but I still enjoyed it. They didn't get another feather but they helped out Kiifa and Sharume with their problems. It seems to me if Syaoran and the others didn't arrive when they did that Sharume would most likely die from the curse since one of the citizens of that dimension would have won the prize and wouldn't have given it up so easily. I think that Mokona is subconsicously transporting them to places that the people need help regardless if a feather is the cause or not. Well, the next episode will continue with the manga storyline as they go to a world filled with demons along with Sakura in a waitress outfit.


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