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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tsubasa Chronicle 17

There's a sandstorm surrounding the ruins near the Clow Kingdom. Touya wakes up during the night while recovering from his injuries and talks to Yukito. They talked about the men who attacked them, the random sandstorms that occured around the ruins, and how Touya knew that Syaoran would be with Sakura just right after meeting him for the first time. He told this to his father about this which his father said, "Let us believe... in the future." Fei Wong begins to move another pawn in his attempts to steal Sakura's feathers. Syaoran and the crew arrived at a new world and was immediately greeted by four women. They told them that they arrived at the country of Outo and glomp them. The girls know about alternative worlds and told them to go to City Hall to receive their citizenship. Fai does the citizenship papers and writes some names that has Syaoran worried. They traded in their clothes from previous worlds for money to rent out a shop. Mokona manages to detect that a feather is in Outo. They went to sleep only to be attack by a demon. Syaoran was immediately clawed by the monster and gave it a kick in the head which defeated it. Kurogane notices a flaw in Syaoran's fighting style.

The next day, Fai and Syaoran went to the City Hall and receive reward money for defeating the creature called an oni last night. The oni usually appear in the night and their strength changes depending on the moon which the full moon gives them their maximum strength. The oni don't attack normal citizens and there are hunters called Onigari that hunt them. Syaoran and Kurogane are signed up to be Onigari and received a sakura-shaped license which acts as a wallet. Fai will work as a cafe owner which Sakura will be a waitress. He will gather information about the feather while working at the cafe. Monoka spits out some fondant au chocolat which came from Yuuko and they decided to eat it. Fai forces Kurogane to eat some of the chocolate which he didn't want any. Sakura is happy to hear Syaoran saying thank you when she asked him for more tea which felt familiar to her. Syaoran remembers the time when his right arm was burnt by a fire and apologize to his father for it. He tells Sakura when he apologized to his father, he was troubled by it. Sakura tells him to say thank you when his father is worried about him. During the night, Syaoran and Kurogane hunt for some onis while Fai watched them. Kurogane asks Syaoran why he chose the job which he responded with that they could other hunters and entered places where only hunters can go but it wasn't what Kurogane was looking for. Before he could explain himself further, a group of oni attacks them. Syaoran engages the oni while Fai and Kurogane watch him fight. Kurogane mentions about Syaoran's right eye and that if the oni from yesterday was stronger, the cut wouldn't be so small. Kurogane and Syaoran managed to defeat the oni. Fai figures out why all of Syaoran's attacks are kick-based which he was taught by someone when he was little. Kurogane accepts Syaoran as his parent and encounters a girl, guy, and a wolf Onigari group.

This episode begins the Outo arc which will be the longest one so far. I don't know why they didn't bring up that Syaoran is blind in his right eye unless they going to mention it in the next episode. The flashback of when Syaoran burnt his right arm was brought about his lack of depth perception. Fai wasn't with Kurogane and Syaoran during the oni battle and the Sakura wallet wasn't brought up until much later. The next episode will have them looking for an informant about any legends that could relate to Sakura's feather along with running the cafe.


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