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Friday, September 16, 2005

Yakitate Japan 38-39

This is the first double episode entry where the two episodes consisted from an one hour special unlike my other double episode entries where it was two seperate episodes. Kawachii and Subawara were saved by the fire from King Pharaoh and almost left him to die until Azuma told them to save him (they were scared by him more than the fire itself.) The Egyptian representatives reveal themselves as the Monaco Secret Police in an intro spoof of American cop shows of the past along a cameo of Kid (explain later.) Their mission is to watch for injustices in the Cup which they report to the King of Monaco himself. Muhammad tries to show Azuma and the others his ID but he shows the business card of a harem club. The secret police suspects that the head of the Management Committee, Yulrich Rame is trying undermine the Cup like setting the fire. They will continue to investigate the wrong-doings of the Cup but Subawara asks one more question to them. He asks that if they want France to win due to their relation to them. Pharaoh tells them that they want them to win but in a fair way. Meanwhile, Rame talks with Kirisaki about the certainity of Japan's defeat but Kirisaki is not quite so certain. He knows that there are potatoes on the island but Rame tells him that they aren't sweet at all. Team Japan collects rain-water with a big shell while Azuma found some potatoes. Kawachii tastes the potatoes which are bitter but Azuma has a plan. It consists of making potato paste and palm sap. Fast forward to the last day of the match and at this point, France, America, China, and Vietnam have made a sweet bread and made it back to the boat. The Japanese team have made it back with Japan #9 which is in the shape of a fish or Taiyaki bread.

Pierrot tasted the bread which said there was no filling but he bit off the tail which has no filling. After biting a part that have filling in it, Pierrot has another flashback which details a special performance in France for the President. This was a great chance for Pierrot to find his parents and get noticed about them. He improved his clone techinque from 50 to 150 but Team Japan was feeling the effects of the sun during the story. During practice, Pierrot managed to pull every muscle in his body and needed three months to recover but the show was in a month. While Pierrot was depressed about unable to perform, he received some special treatment from a masseur named Kid. Kid had the ability to revigorate Pierrot's muscles with the Thai-shiki technique or Pierrot calls it Tai-shiki. Pierrot will announce the results once the rest of the countries are retieved from the island but he didn't find his parents when he did his performance. Team Japan was suffering from sunstroke but Subawara and Azuma still have enough strength to complain about Pierrot's stories. Pharaoh managed to find France's radio but was abandoned on the island.

Episode 39 begins with a veterinarian managed to brought Team Japan back to health after experiencing with sunstroke. Azuma tells Kuro-yan about how his grandfather told him how he survive on a southern island with palm sap 30,000 times along with making the bread itself. Pierrot comes into their room without his makeup but it was actually a costume since he didn't want to put the makeup every day. So he had his face surgically altered to the clown makeup and wears his real face as a mask. Subawara asks Pierrot about the results which Pierrot said that the match was null and void. A rematch will take place even though it was possible to make a sweet bread without fruit. The match results aren't going to be annouced since France, America, and Japan (via Yukino) didn't object to the rematch. Rame has already thought up another plan to destroy Team Japan. The rematch will be held in Mexico which Team Japan will be thrown into Huautla Cave, a massive pit that extends down to 1,500 m deep. On the surface, the rematch will take place on the San Agustin River which they will make a bread that's either fish-based or goes well with fish. The teams will parachute down to the river from a height of 5,000 m. Subawara is afraid of heights but won't admit it. The parachute instructors are even talking about how they will send Team Japan to the cave. Pierrot notices that Team Japan are going in a different direction than the other teams. Subawara fainted during his freefall while Kawachii notices how they were drifting away from the other teams. The instructors abandon them and began their freefall plunge to the cave. Azuma and Kawachii managed to open their chutes but Subawara was still knocked out from his faint earlier and falling at a fast rate.

Pierrot managed to reach to Subawara in time and opens his own makeshift parachute. They managed to land safety inside of the cave but they have no way to climb back up. Azuma manages to find a possible way out which leads to a waterfall called Iglesia Falls. After a short history lesson of the falls, Team Japan thought they have a way out but Pierrot tells them that they would need to hold their breath for 2-3 km. They noticed that there are blind cave tetras in the water. Team Japan begins to lose hope of escaping from the cave when Pierrot tells them that he could hold his breath for 2-3 km but he needs to build up energy. So, he needs Team Japan to make a delicous bread based on the blind cave tetras and has the necessary items to do it but there's one fatal flaw with the plan. Pierrot cannot swim at all.

These episodes managed to finish one match which ends up becoming pointless and a rematch took place with Team Japan and Pierrot in dire straights. Kirisaki continues to try to destroy Team Japan with underhanded methods while the Monaco Special Police investigates Rame for his involvement. The next episode will have Team Japan making the bread while Pierrot will try to delay their efforts so he won't drown.


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