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Monday, October 31, 2005

Yakitate Japan 42

Kawachi manages to make his bread for the semifinals from a rare ingredient while Azuma was still trying to think of a way to improve Japan #51. He making fun of the Kasyers when Subawara wearing a Kasyer mask scares him. Subawara explains that the Kasyers has an advantage since Monaco is considered home from them and the most of the people watching will be wearing Kasyer masks as well. Subawara tells Azuma that he should based his bread on what the F1 racers need for a race. He leaves the room as he wants to beat Azuma with Lupan #6. Azuma while in the bathroom realizes how he can improve on Japan #51 while Kawachi dreams of a sexy Sophie who wants to kiss him and tries to kiss Azuma. Azuma goes off to the Royal Palace which he will be late for the match. Meanwhile Kawachi says to Subawara, Kuro-yan, and Sophie that the eldest Kayser brother is lazy along with Azuma being late when the Kasyers showed up behind him. After Edward says a few things, Gran made him go from the front to the back. Gran tells Kawachi that he didn't help his brothers during the tournament until the semifinals but he has been using his hands. He has Bob to show the bottom part of the cape which reveals a pair of hands on the bottom. Those hands belong to Gran which measured at 2.72 meters which he had his arms under these heavy blocks. By the time he broke them, his arms grew very much. Subawara wanted to see the true form of the Kasyers which they complied with his request.

The Kayser's true form that Gran supporting Bob and Edward with his arms and while Gran needs to use his hands, Edward and Bob support Gran. Gran has the Solar Hands Gigantous and has Goddess Hands Ultima which makes him a very powerful baker to fight against. Pierrot tells the Kasyers and Team Japan to get into the arena for the semifinals. The time limit for the round is two and a half hours and if Azuma manages to make his bread after coming in late, it will be accepted. Kawachi reveals his great ingredient which Kuro-yan was about to explain to Sophie when Pierrot steals his thunder. Pierrot tells them that Kawachi has corn barnacles which are high class food in Italy and Japan and don't lose their taste when boiled. Kaysers' bread shines brightly as they used the purest pearl powder which has the ability to reduce the amount of oxygen while doing sports and has great tastes. Kawachi is afraid of the Kaysers' ability after being showed up by them while Subawara isn't afraid and made his dough red. Pierrot explains that the red dough is caused by a combination of the blood of a snapping turtle and red wine. The blood acts a nervous system stimulant while the red wine has anthocyanin which is great for the eyes. Kawachi taunts the Kasyers with Subawara's bread but the Kasyers came back with blue dough as blueberries contains anthocyanin as well. Subawara doesn't care about the Kasyers' bread but his bread has a fatal flaw in it. There's 90 minutes left in the match and Azuma hasn't shown up yet.

It's rather sad that Kawachi gets scared by every small thing from the Kaysers' true form to their ingredients used in their bread. The Kayser's true form is a sight to behold as Gran's arms are just huge along with his brothers in their weird positions. They must be very flexible in order to maintain those positions. I obviously know the flaw in Subawara's bread and it's actually common sense to it. He must be an idiot not to realize it. The next episode will have Azuma showing off his newly improved Japan #51 along the result of the match.

Happy Seven

Happy Seven 1

In 1333 AD, Kyoto was struck by Tennouji's Youreboshi which was a giant red meteorite. Before the event, a girl notices a bunch of dancers that weren't human at all along with a man who laughed as the meteorite came crashing down to Earth. A girl wakes up from dreaming that event in the present time who was trying to study for a test tomorrow. She gets up from her chair and trips up on a smaller chair which caused her to step on her new cell phone. Suddenly, she sees a bright red light coming from the school and falls into a trance. The next thing she knows that she's at the school and a girl floating in mid-air named Kokuanten appears next to her. Kokuanten asks what was the girl's name which she said was Sakogami Amano. Suddenly a bunch of demons showed up to kill Amano when a knight saves her and runs away from the demon attack. They get surrounded by demons and almost was attacked by one of them when a girl in red saves them. The red girl is a part of a group called Happy Seven and the demons attacked them instead. Amano and the knight land on the ground which the knight erases her memory with a stone called Mekkyakuseki. Amano wakes up in her bed the next morning but doesn't remember anything at all and notices her broken cellphone. During her walk to school, her two friends Mashiko Mimi and Tokuta Nene talked to her about her problems. Her friends talks about her amazing bad luck which even the school newspaper and film club was going to do a story about her bad luck. While looking at the window, she sees the knight in the soccer field which she remember from last night but she thinks that was a dream. She tries to meet up with him but falls down the stairs and bursts through a door. Amano sees a bunch of girls (aka Happy Seven) who offer their help to break her streak of bad luck. The red girl from earlier sees a dark aura which is caused by a Magatugami.

Amano wakes up in Happy Seven club room after a bucket hits her head. Happy Seven introduced themself to Amano. The red girl is Kuroda Kuriya. The blond hair girl is Kitayama Tamon. The purple hair girl is Sarasugawa Kiku aka Okiku. The blue hair girl is Oki Mahiru. The older woman is Munakata Miku who's also the advisor of the club and the school's doctor. The twin girls are Kotobuki Mina and Nami. There's also two other non-powered members who are Kitayama Kuan who wears glasses and Shouda Shouko aka Shoujou who has pink haired. Their group is called the Better Fortune Research Organization. Shoujou almost reveals Happy Seven's magical nature until the other girls piled on her. Kuriya tells Shoujou that Happy Seven is a secret. Meanwhile, Kokuanten talks to her boss as they planned their next move as the boss uses the information given by someone named Kuki Tomoya. Amano recalls her talk with Happy Seven as they give her an idea to remove her bad luck which she goes to the Stone of Prayer and prays for happiness. She continues to pray until the night when a beam of light surrounds the stone and hears a voice. The dark aura from before seperates from her body and takes form a monster called Mabiki who was the reason for her bad luck. He was about to eat her until Happy Seven saves her from his advance. Shoujou surrounds Mabiki with a force field while Happy Seven explains that they can fight monsters but cannot detach them at all without the attached person's help. Shoujou and Kuan talked Amano away while Happy Seven transforms into their magical forms. Amano sees the knight named Kagawa Kikunosuke from earlier running towards them and transforms himself. She says that she remembers him from last night which Shoujou and Kuan was worried about.

It's another magical girl anime but the main character isn't the magical girl but an ordinary girl who had a monster attached to her which caused extremely bad luck. This series is only stated for a 13 episode run which won't give it proper character development with the members of Happy Seven. This series is so screwed because it may tried to do too much with the manga storyline and it will be very lackluster. It looks like the next episode will have Happy Seven actually do some fighting for once.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Suzuka 17

Yamato and Hattori were having their usual conversation during lunch as Hattori wanted Yamato to have sex with Sakurai which he refuses his idea. Miki came to the table and ask what they were talking about which Hattori told her and gets smacked with Miki's tray. Then Miki and Hattori were fighting over where Yamato should sit with. The track team was lifting weights due to rain outside and the former captain makes Yamato do extra reps on the weights. Sakurai tells Yamato that she needs to do something and can't walk with Yamato today. She was worried about Yamato since he didn't have an umbella with him. Suzuka and Miki were about to leave the school when she forgot her cell phone while Yamato was lifting weights under the captain's eye. Suzuka and Miki were about to head out again when Suzuka remember she had to do a report today and tells Miki to leave ahead of her. Suddenly, Yamato shows up and was about to call Miho for an umbella when Suzuka decided to give him her umbella. Miki asks Suzuka if she likes Yamato which she tells him that she doesn't. After practice, Sakurai and Yamato were going to get a drink while Miki and Suzuka go off to do karaoke. While walking, Yamato notices an ad with a singer named Shirakawa Nana which Sakurai asks him if he likes her. He answers her that he wasn't paying attention to her but the MD player. At a cafe, Sakurai keeps looking at the entrance as she invited a friend to meet her which was Nana herself.

Yamato was shocked that Sakurai's friend was Nana as he spouted out the usual fan dribble when meeting idols. They decided to I tgo to a karaoke which Nana tells of the story of when Sakurai and Nana first met. It was during junior high when Nana was already a little bit popular. She got annoyed one day and decided to have a cigarette near the temple that Sakurai's family runs. Sakurai sees Nana trying to smoke and makes her to give up the cigarette even though she didn't know who Nana was. Nana liked how Sakurai treated her as a normal person instead of an idol. Nana tells Yamato that Sakurai doesn't know guys well or how to date and instead him of forcing himself, he should lead her in. After being embarrased by Nana, Sakurai goes to the bathroom which Nana and Yamato decided to do some karaoke. Suzuka and Miki were trying to find a room when they heard Yamato singing the Hiroshima Carp baseball song. Suzuka sees Yamato and Nana alone and busts into the room. She starts lecturing Yamato on how he's being unfaithful to Sakurai while Miki notices Nana which Suzuka didn't even know who she was. Nana asks Yamato if he was three-timing while Sakurai sees the commotion. After a little straighting out, all five of them decided to do some karaoke with a little competition between Sakurai and Suzuka for Yamato. While Nana was singing her new song, Suzuka says that Yamato is tone-deaf which makes him decide to pick a song and ends up picking the same song that Suzuka picked. Miki suggest that they should both sing together but Yamato mentions that he picked the wrong sing which was an excuse to cheer up Sakurai. Yamato and Nana walked Sakurai back home and talked to each other after Sakurai walks up the stairs. Nana tells Yamato that he's a nice boyfriend but suddenly changes her tone when she hears that Yamato doesn't want to hurt Sakurai. She starts to lecture Yamato about how he's influenced by Sakurai's emotions which Yamato calls her an idiot. She tells him that he's like a kid and asks him what are her hobbies or even her birthday which he doesn't really know at all as he's too focused of being a good boyfriend to her. Nana tells Yamato that Sakurai's birthday is September 16th and to look at her more as she doesn't want to break them up.

It seems that Suzuka was doing the exact same waiting game for Yamato on a raining day that he did earlier in the series but look less like an idiot. Suzuka slowly but surely warming up to Yamato by trying being closer to him. Of course, she continues to deny it to Miki but she knows what's going on. Now, there's the new character of Nana which I commented that she could be Sakurai's friend which I was right but never expected that she was an idol but not a stupid self-centered one. She wants to see Sakurai to be happy with Yamato but he's going to do something stupid at this rate. He never really try to get to know Sakurai very well as he focuses on being a couple instead. He's really using her as his emotional bungee cord for Suzuka. Nana has given Yamato a chance to redeem himself with buying Sakurai a present for her birthday which is in a couple of days. From the preview, he decides to ask Suzuka to help him to look for a present which I got a bad feeling about as that is a big NO in dating. I wonder if Nana will show up again as she's an interesting supporting character.

Bleach 55

Byakuya asks Ichigo why he wants to save Rukia while Ichigo asks him why doesn't save Rukia himself which Byakuya tells him that he will never understand even if he told him. They begin battling with explosive amounts of spirital energy. Rukia tells Renji to go back and help Ichigo which Renji tells her to shut up. He explains to her the reason why Ichigo wanted to save her which was to repay the debt as she has given him power to protect the people he loved and changed his fate. He tells her to stop worrying so much, beating herself up, and give some of the worries to other people. Kiyone decides to head towards Isane which is his sister to save them from being caught in the battle. The other 13th vice-captain was calling out Kiyone's name when Sui Fong took him out quickly. Ukitake tries to save Kiyone when Yama stands in his way as he wants to take on Ukitake and Kyouraku but they ran away along with Nanao to battle somewhere else where people won't be caught in their battle. Kyouraku tells Ukitake that there's one more person that will save Kiyone from Sui Fong. She was about to kill Kiyone when Yoruichi grabs Sui Fong and plunge off the cliff.

Unohara takes Inase and the others that were injured from the attacks earlier in her bankai. Ukitake, Kyouraku, and Nanao arrived at a run-down part of the city to battle with Yama who shows up in front of them. Yama begins to approach them with a powerful aura that overpowers Nanao very quickly and causes her to collaspe due to lack of air. Kyouraku takes Nanao far away from Yama and goes back to Ukitake. Yama recalls the days when Kyouraku chased women and Ukitake was weak from his health but even their flaws couldn't supress them while they were fighting. He thought of them as his own children and now he has to punish them by killing them. He sheds off the cane to reveal his soul slayer which one slash made them to be pushed back. Yama decides to show off his scarred body as he releases his Soul Slayer's shikai form, Ryuujin Jakka.

This episode just basically setup the fights between Ichigo and Byakuya, Sui Fong and Yoruichi, and Yama vs. Kyouraku and Ukitake. Yama isn't just any old man. He made Nanao submit to him in five seconds flat which was shown very well. Hopefully the next episode will have some action to it but from the preview doesn't show anything from Ichigo and Byakuya at all. I think Sui Fong and Yoruichi fight won't actually start until episode 57 with the next episode giving some backstory behind those two characters in that episode.

The Law of Ueki 26

Kobasen says that the second round only has 25 power users and Robert tries to ignore the cease-fire until Kobasen reveals a bracelet that creates a holographic image of God. Ueki has a hard time believing that God actually dresses up like that. God tells Robert that Kobasen has an item that renders powers useless. Kobasen is acting as God's representative in Hell to tell Ueki and the others about the second round. Ueki asks God if Kobasen was set free but that was not the case as a Heavenly Being cannot live anywhere else once sent to Hell. Then Ueki gave God the idea to make Inumaru and Kobasan God Candidates again which he accepted the idea and made Inumaru as Sano's candidate and Kobasan as Mori's candidate since there's a player missing for the second round. Mori hated the idea of being in the second round but was forced into by Ueki, Rinko, and Sano. Kobasen was going to warp everyone out of Hell but Ueki wanted to be with Kobasen. Kobasen tells Ueki that he was proud of him before leaving hell. Robert acknowledges Ueki as a person that he can fight at full strength and tells him to get stronger for the next time they meet. Mori continues to try to find out her power before visiting Rinko and Sano in the hositpal. Tenko tells Mori that Ueki was healed by the Healing Beast and suddenly appears in a tomato head costume which he made from the zai of special makeup. Robert talks to Margaret as he was proud of Robert for going into the second round and closer to their goal to erase all humans but Robert doubts this goal now. Margaret's attitude towards Robert changed as he tells him that he has a replacement for him. Robert's replacement, Anon comes in and calls Margaret, father. Margaret explains to Robert that Anon is his real son. The Margaret that Robert knew was a false father to him as the fake Margaret dropped Robert in the human world and wanted Robert to hate all of humanity. The fake Margaret tells Anon to defeat Robert quickly which he did in eight minutes. Anon even managed to survive against the 10-star Treasure Satan and eats Robert afterwards.

Mori asks Ueki why his Zai went down as he went from 19 to 10 which Ueki said that he beat up a gang for attacking an old man. They see Anon helping an old woman finding a pendant which her dead uncle gave to her long ago. Anon asks her if the pendant was destroyed, would she died? He decides to test his theory and was about to smash the pendant when Ueki used Raika to prevent Anon from smashing it. Anon was confused by Ueki's caring for other lives and suddenly transforms his face into Robert's. He mentions that he has taken over Robert's mind and body which even has the PC registers Anon as Robert. Anon mentions that he doesn't like this place and leaves Ueki and Mori before a truck hits that exact spot a few seconds later. Anon sees a big dog bullying a small dog with a nearby. The big dog was afraid of Anon and ran away. The small dog begins to growl at Anon as well and was about to be thrown over the power lines just to see if the dog would come back to the boy when Ueki stop him. Anon tells Ueki that he took over Robert because he wasn't going to destroy all humans. Robert is still alive until Anon decides to seperate him from his body. Ueki uses Ranma on Anon but he manages to avoid it by inches while observing the shape of the blade and attack patterns. He was about to attack again when Mori tells him to stop as she uses the Kobasen card on him. Anon tells Ueki that he realizes why he was considered as Robert's rival and could become stronger than Robert. Anon leaves Ueki and Mori for today as he goes down to hell. Ueki was crying over the fact that Robert was gone as he was reverting back to his good self and his body being used against her well.

The second round is about to begin as Anon appears on the scene and takes over Robert's body to complete the mission that Robert was about to abandon. Mori still doesn't know what her powers are while Anon seems to have the ability to predict the future just like Spiderman's spider sense. Now Ueki has to deal with battling Anon while preserving Robert's life along with the fake Magaret's plan to erase all humanity. The next episode has Ueki, Mori, Rinko, and Sano finding a fifth member for their team of five for the next round as Rinko suggests a power user named Souya Hideyoshi.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mai Otome 3

Mashiro hated Nagi's idea of having Nina and Arika fight at her coronation ceremony until he decided to drop his own idea since he could lose Nina as his own personal Otome which she accepted after all. Youko is helping Arika with injecting nano-machines so she can materialize the robe and elements but without a gem, it's only a one time thing. The students seem to think that Nina would win and would hated the idea that Arika would get in if she wins. Nina talks to Sergey as she tells him that she won't lose to her and remembers a time when she saw a photo album of Sergey's childhood along with the former Princess. Sergey was about to do something else when he hears Arika singing which attracted the animals to her. He steps on a branch which made Arika to notice him and talks about how she will probably to lose to Nina due to the experience factor and lectures how she will destroy Nina's dream if she wins but she doesn't care as she will continue to move forward her dream. Sergey begins to write something during the night as he remembers Arika's singing.

The coronation ceremony begins as the second year Otome students are escorting the various nobles and their Otomes. Nagi talks to Sergey how that Mashiro isn't the real princess while a couple of cloaked people take out some guards. Mashiro is finally crowned as the queen of Windbloom while Arika's robe is activated by Shizuru with Nina's robe being activated by Natsuki. The battle between Nina and Arika begins as Shizuru notices the cloaked people. Nina takes an upper hand in the battle as she uses Robe's power to its potential. Shizuru meets up with one of the cloaked people who is a messanger of the Black Valley and activates her Robe. Nina is still holds the advantage in the battle as Arika is unfamiliar with the Robe's abilities and thought she won the fight but Arika manages to absorb the attack pretty well. Shizuru's battle caused part of the castle to collaspe which dangers everyone in the arena.

This episode was pretty decent and seeing what the Robe can do was pretty interesting. There wasn't much story or character development in this episode at all but things may get interesting in the next episode. I did like the part in the preview when Shizuru mentions the time with Natsuki's underwear from episode 4 of Mai Hime. That was just great. The next episode will have the first appearance of the vice-president of the student council along with her assistant and Arika's first day as an Otome student.