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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Animal Yokocho 1

A girl named Ami has a door in her floor which a bear, a rabbit, and a panda come out of named Kenta, Iyo, and Issa. Ami tells of the story of their first encounter. She met them when she moved into their current home. She sees Kenta who tries to avoid being seen moving and trips on a wire. Ami calls Kenta ugly and puts aside before walking away. Then she looks back and sees Iyo being motionless after walking. Her parents ask her to grab a bucket and cloth and when she picks it up, she sees Issa next to her. She gets freaked out by it and tells her parents about it, when she tries to show them the animals but they left by the time she shows them. Her parents tell her to work on her room which she does. She enters into her room and sees the door in the floor but immediately was hit by the other door from the animals. They insulted her intelligence and gulliblity which they were noticed by Ami and tried to pretend to be ordinary stuffed animals. They tell her that they are movers from the Piece of Cake company but she doesn't buy it. After they introduced themselves, they break out in song and call themselves the Happy AniYoko Trio. Then they tried to order food which Ami stops them immediately. The animals tell Ami about AniYoko which is short for Animal Yokocho (Animal Alley). Then they give a couple more potential meanings of it which aren't correct. AniYoko is another dimension for animals like them. Iyo tries to Ami to unpack her things but she refuses the help which causes the rabbit to collaspe. Issa tells her that Iyo dies if she is lonely or treated in a cold manner. Ami tells Iyo that it can help unpacking which she immediately comes back to life. Kenta notices a normal stuffed bear which he doesn't want out but Ami puts on her bed which Iyo pretends that she was a stuffed animal. Iyo accidently knocks Ami's photo album off the bed which remind her of old friends and the animals tell her that she will make new friends. The animals leave Ami for the day and came back the next day.

Ami comes back to her room from school and see the animals playing baseball. She ask why they were playing baseball in her room which they tell her that they can't play outside of the human world or AniYoko. She asks them more about AniYoko but they avoid the question. Ami tries to open the door but they stopped her as they can't come anymore if she looks on the other side. She refuses their plea and was about to open the door when Iyo dies from being ignored. Ami revives Iyo and Issa tells her that they can't anymore was a lie. Issa tells her that no one from outside of AniYoko has opened the door. Iyo tells Ami a story about an AniYoko resident meeting an outsider who made Rice Ball statues after giving her a rice ball. Ami asks why there's a door to AniYoko which all of three of them gave their own versions of why the door appeared in her room from wizards, magnetic storms, and a cat from the future. She tries to open the door but can't. Then Kenta tries to open the door but couldn't and thinks that they can't open the door because Ami was trying to find out about them. Issa figures out that the door was put on backwards which Iyo fixes the door. Ami finally opens the door and sees a man dress as a horse. Issa tells her that's Mr. Yamanami but they don't her tell any useful information about him. Kenta tells her some crazy story that her world isn't real and that everything is a dream which is not true. They leave Ami to watch AniYoko Rangers. Ami opens the door again to see Yamanami in a dancer costume.

This show was hard to blog since so much has happened. I basically see no real plot except for the mysteries of AniYoko. It's really something just to watch and not to blog. Even though it's in the realm of Ichigo Mashimaro, this one is more geared towards kids than young adults. I won't be blogging this series but I will continue watching it. The next episode deals with baking and doing homework.


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