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Monday, October 17, 2005

Aria 1

A girl named Akari sees off a girl named Alicia who rowing a gondola. A few seconds later, she answers the phone which a guy named Akatsuki was calling the Aria company. He was disappointed that she picked up the phone as he want to hear Alicia's voice message and didn't want a gondola. Akari came to the city of Neo-Venezia in the planet of Aqua 20 months ago but according to Aqua's calender, she's has only been there for four months. She came to Aqua to become a full-fledged Undine. She gets a call of a girl who wants to ride in Alicia's gondola but she isn't available and there's no bookings for today. Then the girl tries to ask if she can ride a gondola regardless of the person but Akari is only a trainee which she can't have customers yet. The girl hangs up which Akari decides to go out to practice with an animal named President Aria. She heads out to the gondola to see a girl already in it. The girl convinces her to take her after threatening her to scream out kidnapper. They ride into the city and began to talk. The girl mentions that gondolas are annoying to her and comes from Manhome which Akari used to live there. The girl's name is Ai and tells Akira to stop questioning her. They meet up with a fellow co-worker named Aika which Ai wants to ride with her to get a better gondola experience. While riding on Aika's gondola, Akari tells about the history of Aqua which it was terraformed 150 years ago which had no water or oxygen and became the planet of water. Neo-Venezia was modeled after Venice and Manhome is basically Earth. Akira basically fell in love with Aqua after arriving on the planet.

They noticed a buttered potato shop and got some food there. Ai initially hated buttered potatos from Manhome but after eating one at Aqua she likes them. Meanwhile, Aria falls into the water which the others tried to get him from the water which Akari rows backwards to catch up to Aria with Aika giving directions. Suddenly, a ship gets in between which they had to stop and sees Alicia's gondola. Alicia manages to retieve Aria and gives it back to them. Akari knew that Ai was the one who called earlier today. Ai tells them that her sister came to Aqua on her honeymoon and made her listen to her stories of Aqua. She doesn't like how her sister brags and decided to see how the experience was. She didn't initially like her experience at Aqua but she enjoyed herself today. Akari tells Ai that her sister wasn't bragging and wanted to her know how special Aqua is. Her parents picked up Ai at the company which she wants to ride in Akari's gondola next time and gave her an envelope. The envelope contain a picture of Ai's sister and brother-in-law with her as a baby. Alicia remembers her sister and husband as they got into a fight while in the gondola which they became happy afterwards.

The series wasn't I expected from the website alone. I thought it was going to be more of an action type series but I was wrong. This is why I don't read up on random series because they give me expections. I just get the series and watch it. I'm not sure how this series will go but I would guess that the Aria company will get people to ride in the gondolas and have some life-changing experience or crazy adventure in it. It's a nice series to not worry about the storyline as much. I won't be blogging this series but there are probably are bloggers out there who are. The next episode seems to introduce another Undine girl which has a past connection with Alicia.


  • At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Mohammad said…

    The first episode was so nice. This is how a slice of life anime should be like. It's a shame you won't be blogging this show.

    Alicia's character is one of my favourite types in anime. The type that takes things easy and doesn't get upset that easily (Just like Petoko's mother in Petopeto san or Kasumi in Ranma 1/2).

  • At 1:19 AM, Anonymous Hisyam said…

    i haven't seen this anime yet but from your review it all starts nice and all so hopefully the later episodes will be better. Im hoping for a plot twist :P
    Btw, if you're interested in moving, let me know on your email k :)

  • At 1:20 AM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    To defend myself, I had a different type of series for Aria which I mention before in my post. I don't really have any like or hate of any of the characters. About me blogging the show, I have already chosen what I was going to blog to begin with and already added a series that I didn't intend to blog to begin with. I rather not overload myself with additional series at this point.

  • At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Washi said…

    Oh good, you enabled comments again? Oh, when was this show subbed? I must have missed it. I doubt I'll be blogging it either. I want some more fast-paced action-oriented series this season. It looks quite nice though, I'll probably watch it.

  • At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Mohammad said…

    You can find the subbed episode by doing a Title search in the following website:


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