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Monday, October 10, 2005

Black Cat 1

The show begins with a fierce battle during the fireworks which the guy defeats the other guy with the gun. After the OP, the scene goes to a church where the guy with the gun takes out the nuns were actually fighters and holds a guy at gunpoint. The threatened guy asked him if he was a member of Chronos before he died by the Black Cat known as member XIII which his real name is Train Heartnet. The next day, there's a parade for the next governor, Lib Tyrant but he's a criminial who has dealt with blackmail, drug trafficking, and homicide. A guy in a white suit and eyepatch wants to capture him but is hungry and decides to go a local restrauant. The place is full with the leftover gangs and one of the waitresses attacks one of the customers for fooling around with another waitress. After hearing the commotion, the white suit gives the two guys jalapeno candy. The waitress gives him food for saving her but she puts it on a tab. Meanwhile, Train remembers the conversation that he had with the sword guy at the beginning of the episode who really loves how Train kills people so efficently. He remembers his last kill while looking at the night sky. The white suit guy was scouting out Lib's security during the parade and speech later in the evening. He sees a girl in the audience who look at with doubt and Lib introduces his fiancee, Joanna. After the speech, a drunk guy in the audience spills wine on the white suit. He goes to the bathroom which he took out with eye patch which Lib and his security walked past him. The white suit's right eye saw a vision that Lib was going to be kill by Train.

Lib is going to die within the next five minutes due to the white suit's vision eye. The guy soon has a gun pointed at him by one of Lib's goons. The white suit tries to fight but the vision eye drains his strength and had to use sleeping gas to subdue the goon. He tries to figure out a way to capture Lib before Train could kill him. He notices that Train is extremely fast and tries to capture him with his net but ends up capturing the drunk guy. Train manages to take out Lib's goons and kills Lib with just one shot. The white suit meets up with Train outside and tries to ask why he killed Lib but before he could get any answers, Lib's head goon attacks them with boomerangs. Train manages to trap the goon into a tree with his own boomerang and the sword guy kills him by pushing the boomerang into his body. The white suit talks to an informant about the Chrono Number he saw on Train. He tells him that Train is an eraser for Chronos which is known as the Black Cat. The informant doesn't want to the white suit anymore since the Black Cat has managed to kill all of his targets and doesn't want to associate himself with the Cat. The white suit goes back to the restaruant to eat since he doesn't have any money. Train has a dream which his child form sees the man he killed in the church along with Lib and then starts killing faceless people. He heards a girl in a kinemo singing during the night who smiles at him.

Well, the Black Cat is very stylish and cool. I really loved the OP song and sequence but the ED song and sequence I didn't very liked. My primary dislike about this episode is the extreme lack of information about the plot, setting, and names of the people. The white suit's guy name is Sven the Sweeper but that wasn't revealed until the preview. I wished that the Japanese could at least uses boxes to show the names of the characters so I don't have to call Sven "The White Suit Guy". Well, I won't be blogging this series but the next episode introduces a blond girl with Sven hanging around the restaurant that he was in the first episode.


  • At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Chris said…

    I wasn't really impressed by the first episode but it might be handy as a time killer. I'll check at least the next episode. I was a little surprised that it's by Gonzo. It doesn't really look like any other recent Gonzo shows although has a few similarities with Hellsing.


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