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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bleach 51

Rukia begins her "dead man walking" to the Soukyoku. Two grunts were slacking off from their cleaning duties in an alleyway when Kenpachi along with higher members of the 11th Squad ran past them. Kenpachi was asking Orihime directions but Yachiru interruptted her. Ikkaku mentioned that Yachiru's searching ability is rather bad which made her call him a pachinko ball and spits on him. Ganju, Ishida, and Sato were still in prison until Kenpachi and the others broke them out. Byakuya prays to his dead wife, Hisana (who looks like Rukia) before heading towards the Soukyoku. The 7th and 9th captains talked to each other before heading out. Soi Fong (2nd Captain) and her vice-captain have a chat about where their loyalities lied. Nanao finds her captain on the roof and talked before heading out themselves.

Kenpachi and the others arrived at a dead end due to Yachiru's bad sense of direction. She bites Ikkaku's head for insulting her sense of direction. Before they could continue, the 7th and 9th captains show up with their vice-captains. Kenpachi wants to face all of them at once and orders everyone else to leave. Everyone except for Ikkaku and Yumichika leaves Kenpachi to fight them. Ikkaku and Yumichika decides to fight the vice-captains and then leaves Kenpachi alone to fight the two captains. The two captains attack Kenpachi first which he takes their attacks like they were nothing. Renji's finishes with training and asks Yoruichi if Ichigo can reach bankai by today. She basically tells him that he can reach bankai because he has instincts for it.

This episode was one of those episodes was just fill with meaningless talk. There wasn't any real depth or important plot information given out. This just really a setup episode for the one hour special where it's going to be some intense action from a few fronts with some bankai action. I think this episode was rather bland except for when the 11th squad just had some great jokes. I really think the special will be great.


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